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Monday, April 19, 2021
    child abuse, ocala news, domestic violence, marion county news

    Man arrested, said he was teaching juvenile to defend himself

    // Ocala, Florida -- Marion County sheriff's deputies responded to Southwest 27th Avenue, and arrested a man they say held a knife...
    domestic abuse, ocala news, marion county news, pregnanat woman assaulted, domestic violence

    Pregnant woman assaulted protecting her child from abusive boyfriend

    // Ocala, Florida -- A 21-year-old man is still being held without bond after he struck a pregnant woman in the face. According...
    ocala news, marion county news, dui, dcf

    Man arrested for DUI, DCF investigators now involved

    // Ocala, Florida -- A man arrested for DUI is now facing a Department of Children and Families investigation. Denver D. Patterson, 29,...
    child abuse, ocala news, marion county news,

    Woman arrested for hitting juveniles with a cooking pot

    // Ocala, Florida -- Marion County Sheriff's deputies arrested an Ocala woman after an anonymous caller reported that two children had been...
    child abuse, aggravated assault, silver springs, mother of the year,

    Mother beat child, stabbed partner

    // Silver Springs, Florida -- A Silver Springs woman faces several charges after authorities were notified about possible abuse on a child. Authorities...
    child abuse, ocala news, marion county news, parent of the year

    Woman beat 4-year-old, you won’t believe why

    // Ocala, Florida -- An Ocala woman was arrested Wednesday after she beat her child with tree branches. Deputies were dispatched to the area...

    Man said he would kill family when released from jail

    // Marion Oaks -- Marion County Sheriff's deputies arrested a Marion Oaks man who allegedly struck a 17-year-old boy in the head with...
    dees, ocala news, marion county news, child abuse, dcf, mother of the year

    Man busted little girl’s nose

    // Anthony, Florida -- A man, who deputies say struck a little girl in the face over the weekend, was released from jail...
    police dispatcher chared with sex with boy, ocala news, palm bay news, marion county, pedophile, sex offender,

    Police dispatcher charged with Capital Sexual Battery

    // Palm Bay, Florida -- A police dispatcher was arrested on Monday and charged with eight (8) counts of Capital Sexual Battery and...
    Joseph T. Baker, secual abuse, child molester, pedophile, ocala news, marion county news, man sexually abused 4 year old,

    Ocala man sexually abused girl for 10 years

      Ocala, Florida -- The Marion County Sheriff's Office arrested an Ocala man and charged him with six (6) counts of Sexual Assault by a...
    ocala news, drowning, marion county news, mother of the year, drug addict, baby drowned, baby dies,

    Mother charged with manslaughter in baby’s death

    // Ocala, Florida -- On Wednesday, Ocala Police Department Detective Mary Brewton arrested the mother of the 20-month-old child who drowned in a...
    Ronald Beabout Jr., summerfield, ocala news, marion county news, child abuse

    Man threatened to kill his father and a juvenile after striking him

    // Summerfield, Florida -- A Summerfield man remained behind bars Tuesday after he hit and threatened to kill a juvenile. On Monday, Deputy Tevyn...
    child abuser, james kenrick, ocala news, marion county news, child neglect, child beating, parent of the year

    Man severely beat toddler, mother blamed a dog and the child

    //   Ocklawaha, Florida -- Marion County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a man they say severely beat a 13-month-old toddler. On May 31, the Marion...
    drug bust, heroin and cocaine, ocala news, marion county, drugs, weapons,

    Two drug dealers arrested, drugs were in children’s reach

    // Ocala, Florida -- Two drug dealers are off the street after detectives discovered a couples drug operation while serving a warrant this week. On...
    ocala post, ocala news, battery, assualt, marion county news,

    Man got physical with two juvenile girls, shook penis at armed man

    // Summerfield, Florida -- Deputies say a Summerfield man was arrested on a warrant after he physically assaulted two juveniles and a witness...
    ocala news, marion county news, Guardian ad Litem Volunteer, GAL

    To the Editor: It takes a big guy to be a GAL

    //   Fathers’ Day is upon us and like Mothers’ Day, it brings to mind the importance of parents and especially fathers and fathering. I’m...
    ocala news, child abuse, marion county news, animal abuse,

    Missing/endangered man and his girlfriend arrested

    // Ocala, Florida -- An allegedly missing and endangered man was arrested Saturday, after it was discovered that he had beaten a 3-year-old...
    churchill dentistry, ocala news, marion county news, Michael tarver, rebecca tarver

    Churchill Dentistry in Ocala has been sold

    // Ocala, Florida -- Marion County residents no longer have to worry about Michael or Rebecca Tarver performing dental work on children. On Wednesday,...
    ocala news, child abuse, marion county news, domestic violence

    Man arrested for strangling girlfriend and battering 2-year-old

    // Fort McCoy, Florida -- A Fort McCoy man remained behind bars Thursday, accused of strangling his girlfriend and battering her 2-year-old daughter. The...
    parkside gardens apartments, ocala news, marion county news, baby died ocala

    Arraignment set for aunt of baby who died at Parkside Gardens Apartments

    // Ocala, Florida -- An arraignment date has been set for the sister of the mother whose baby died at Parkside Gardens Apartments. Toyana...