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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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    Marion County Jail on ICE’s Declined Detainer Outcome Report

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), by the president's executive order, "Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States," releases the Declined...
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    Commissioners: Don’t panic over 180-day moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries

    After many, many residents expressed their concerns to the Marion County Board of County Commissioners about the moratorium on medical marijuana, commissioners reached out...
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    Streaming live – 2016 General Election in real time, Marion and U.S.

    Election night coverage streaming live. (View election results for Marion County as well as the entire U.S.below.) U.S Election (Marion results below U.S. results)
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    Dennis McFatten and Billy Woods face off in race for Marion County sheriff

    Marion County -- Retired MCSO captain Dennis McFatten (D) and 26 year Ocala police veteran Lieutenant Billy Woods (R) will face off for sheriff...

    AutoZone project negotiated for 22 months, Marion County taxpayers will pay

    Marion County -- For more than 22 months, the Memphis-based auto parts giant, AutoZone, which is worth more than $20 billion, secretly negotiated with...
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    The race for sheriff: You asked, we got answers

    Marion County -- Ocala Post reached out to the four candidates competing in the Marion County Sheriff’s race. Only two responded—former sheriff Ed Dean (D)...
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    Former Sheriff Chris Blair makes a deal with prosecutors

    Marion County -- Former Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair withdrew his candidacy for re-election. In a letter to Supervisor of Elections, Welsley Wilcox, Blair wrote,...
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    Ofab Inc. CEO speaks out about the removal of crime prevention kiosks

    Ocala, Florida -- Following the July 17 removal of 147 crime prevention kiosks around Marion County, Ofab Inc. CEO, Lawrence R. Amyotte, spoke out...
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    Former Sheriff’s kiosk program under investigation, removed from businesses

      UPDATE: Ofab Inc. CEO speaks out about the removal of the crime prevention kiosks Marion County - The kiosk program, which was created by former Sheriff...
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    Grand jury on MCSO: Falsified statistics, excessive force, dishonesty, and more

      , Ocala, Florida -- On Friday, May 20, 2016, the State Attorney’s Office for the Fifth Judicial District indicted Sheriff Chris Blair for two counts...
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    Two MCSO majors suspended following sheriff’s arrest

    // On Saturday, Marion County interim Sheriff Emery Gainey suspended two MCSO Majors. According to a press release, Major Don Maines, who...
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    Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair indicted by grand jury

    OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE - On Friday, May 20, 2016, the State Attorney’s Office for the Fifth Judicial District indicted Sheriff Chris Blair for two...
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    Transgender bathroom ban passes 4-1

    // Ocala, Florida -- The resolution to ban transgender bathrooms in Marion County schools has been officially adopted. During a Tuesday...
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    Marion County sales tax initiative

    // Ocala, Florida -- Official Press Release - On March 10, Marion County residents will have another opportunity to learn about...
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    Marion County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit Interdiction Commander suspended

    // Ocala, Florida -- The Marion County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that K-9 Unit Interdiction Commander, Sergeant Jeremie Nix, was suspended...
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    Concerns about a culture of fear and intimidation at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office

    // Ocala, Florida -- Someone, who wishes to remain unnamed out of fear of retaliation from the Marion County Sheriff's Office,...
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    Marijuana and Marion County

    // Marion County -- In July, Ocala Post reported that commissioners in Miami-Dade County, Florida, were the first in the state...

    Commissioners vote to move and replace the Confederate Flag

    // Marion County, Florida -- On Tuesday, October 6, 2015, the Marion County Board of County Commissioners voted to relocate the “Five Flags...