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    Cops and Crime

    Corrupt cops who have committed crimes

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    Health department not consulted before sheriff banned employees from wearing masks

    Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods believes that there is no real evidence that wearing a mask lessens the spread of COVID-19. On August 11, the...
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    Police shot, killed innocent EMT, no-knock warrants now ban

    On June 11, 2020,  The Louisville, Kentucky, Metro Council unanimously passed Breonna's Law -- named in honor of police-shooting victim Breonna Taylor -- outlawing...
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    Florida trooper arrested, had sexual relationship with minor

    A Florida Highway Patrol trooper was arrested Thursday after investigators learned that he had been having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old female. Trooper Christopher...
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    Sheriff’s office tries to convince public that marijuana causes seizures

    On June 11, 2020, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, located in Ocala, Florida, posted about a “drug” bust on Facebook. A deputy with the sheriff’s...
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    VIDEO: Florida corrections officer accused of molesting child, arrested

    Volusia sheriff’s deputies have arrested a Daytona Beach correctional officer with Tomoka Correctional Institution following accusations that he molested a child. and charged him with...
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    Two Polk County deputies under review after video clip surfaces

    See full video below, courtesy of Facebook user Unique Occenna Two Polk County sheriff's deputies, whose names have not yet been released, are under review...
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    Deputy solicited young girls to make underground pornography films

    A Lake County deputy sheriff was arrested Tuesday following an investigation that began in March after a teen victim came forward and filed a...
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    Deputy arrested, charged with capital sexual battery on a child

    Citrus County Sheriff's Office deputy, Charles Wigglesworth, was arrested by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and charged with two counts of Capital Sexual...
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    MCSO detective resigns following multiple sexual harassment claims

    A Marion County Sheriff’s Office detective resigned following an internal affairs investigation that revealed he had sexually harassed several women within the agency. MCSO Detective...
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    Former Lowell corrections officer arrested, sexual misconduct

    Marion County -- A former corrections officer at the Lowell Correctional Institution turned himself in at the Marion County Jail Tuesday and was charged...
    Police Officer Kevin Wright, cops rapes child, crooked cops

    Police officer rapes child, indicted

    West Milton, Ohio -- Police Officer and Navy Veteran Kevin C. Wright, 32, has been charged with three felony counts of rape on a...
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    Officer indicted by Grand Jury, not arrested, still being paid

    An Orlando police officer was indicted on three counts of battery Thursday after it was discovered that he shoved and choked a man during...
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    Corrections officer arrested, attempted to poison inmate

    A corrections officer arrested Saturday at Lowell Correctional Institution accused of trying to poison an inmate has been identified as Qualesha Quayshaun Williams, 28,...
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    OPD officer who was killed was drunk, speeding, second officer lied to investigators

    On September 19, 2019, Ocala Police Department police officer, Daniel Wagner, was killed after he was involved in an off-duty motorcycle crash. A report released...
    Sanford Police Officer Adam Feldman, ocala news, ocala post, cops and crime

    Police officer crashed, arrested for DUI

    On Wednesday, January 1, 2020, Sanford Police Officer Adam Feldman was relieved of duty and placed on unpaid Administrative leave pending the outcome of...
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    Corrections officer arrested for child molestation

    A Lowell corrections officer, who is one of four officers being investigated for beating and paralyzing an inmate, has been arrested for child molestation. Keith...
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    Law enforcement agency failed to detain illegal immigrant, caused woman’s rape

    OKLAHOMA CITY – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested Antonio Ulises Perez, a 38-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador charged with first-degree rape,...

    Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy fired, arrested

    A Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy, who was allegedly in the FTO program, was fired after he was arrested for domestic battery. Jaime Lopez, 22,...

    911 dispatcher berated woman right before she drowned

    Fort Smith, Arkansas -- Attention continues to grow surrounding the Aug. 24 drowning of Debra Stevens, a Fort Smith newspaper delivery woman, who was...
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    Sheriff’s department detective rapes child, only gets 3 years

    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department detective Neil Kimball, 45, who pleaded not guilty to raping a child and guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse in...