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Saturday, August 8, 2020
    pier 1, ocala news, ocala post

    Pier 1 going out of business, closing all stores

    Pier 1 imports announced Tuesday that the retailer will most likely cease operation at all locations, including Ocala. Blaming COVID-19, Wayfair, and Amazon, and with...

    Government (White House officials) secretly hijacked Florida’s COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard

    Read the update to this story here. As Florida slowly reopens, the Florida government and White House officials allegedly secretly hijacked Florida's COVID-19 Surveillance...
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    Omnicare, Inc., a subsidiary of CVS Health settles $15.3 million civil penalty

    Omnicare, Inc., a subsidiary of CVS Health and a leading provider of pharmacy services to long-term care facilities, has agreed to pay the United...
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    Officer placed on paid leave following video chastising other officers who violate Constitution

    Port of Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson said three hours after he was told by his department they were in full support of his...

    Police officer makes strong video against other officers who violate the Constitution

    UPDATE: Officer Anderson made a follow-up video. The link is at the bottom of this article. Port of Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson said he...
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    Four Northern Michigan sheriffs uphold Constitution, take stand against governor during protest

          Video courtesy of Ricky Giannetti via Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine   Michigan -- In what many are calling a historic event, thousands protest in Michigan Wednesday...
    sanitizing groceries, ocala news, covid-19, ocala post

    CDC: You do not need to sanitize groceries, produce

    The US Centers for Disease Control says there have been reports of people sanitizing groceries and washing produce with dish detergent. The CDC says that...
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    Tuesday’s “supermoon” will be the largest and brightest full Moon this year

    NASA wants to encourage everyone to take a peek at Tuesday's (April 7) "supermoon." The next full Moon is the Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon,...
    covid-19, tiger tests positive, ocala news, bronx zoo, ocala post

    Tiger tests positive for COVID-19

    Scientists are now rushing to try and figure out what other species of animals could possibly become infected with COVID-19 after a Brox Zoo...

    Wearing gloves in public is a waste of time, spreads germs, masks under certain...

    Health officials say that wearing latex gloves while you are out and about is not a good idea. According to the World Health Organization (WHO),...
    Covid-19, antifreeze, hand sanitizer, Ocala news, Ocala post

    Hand sanitizer and antifreeze are not the same thing

    There have been dozens of posts in regards to hand sanitizer(s) and pets. In one post, Judith David, wrote, "PET OWNERS PLEASE BE AWARE THAT...
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    New coronavirus guidelines include a mandatory self-isolation following certain travels

    TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Department of Health is responding to COVID-19. In an effort to keep Florida residents and visitors safe and aware of...
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    EPA releases list of disinfectants to use against COVID-19

    WASHINGTON -- On Thursday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a list of EPA-registered disinfectant products that have qualified for use against SARS-CoV-2,...
    Police Officer Kevin Wright, cops rapes child, crooked cops

    Police officer rapes child, indicted

    West Milton, Ohio -- Police Officer and Navy Veteran Kevin C. Wright, 32, has been charged with three felony counts of rape on a...

    Grandpa got ran over by a deer, literally

    Grandpa got ran over by a deer, literally, and surveillance video captured the entire incident. On Facebook, Ken Worthy wrote, "Many of you have heard...
    ice, illegal immigrants, chicago,

    Sanctuary city freed more than 1,000 illegal immigrants in 2019

    Chicago — Law enforcement agencies in Cook County, Illinois, released 1,070 illegal immigrant criminals and immigration violators in Fiscal Year 2019, despite requests by...
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    Founder, President and CEO of Ollie’s Bargain Outlet has died

    The founder of Ollie's Bargain Outlet, Mark Butler, passed away on December 1, while he was spending Thanksgiving with his family. The company released the...
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    Selling homemade Coquito over Facebook? You might want to rethink it

      Coquito, meaning "Little Coconut" in Spanish, is a traditional Christmas drink. The drink, which originated in Puerto Rico, is a coconut-based alcoholic beverage similar to...
    Beluga Whale plays fetch, rugby ball, ocala news, ocala post

    Beluga whale plays fetch with boaters tossing rugby ball

    A beluga whale was recorded playing with a rugby ball being tossed by a group of people on a boat. The footage was recorded by...
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    DEA issues warning over counterfeit prescription pills from Mexico

    The Drug Enforcement Administration is alerting the public of dangerous counterfeit pills killing Americans. Mexican drug cartels are manufacturing mass quantities of counterfeit prescription...