A black man was mistaken for a white man and wrongfully arrested, police said he matched the description

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Shane Lee Brown (left) Wanted felon Shane Neal Brown (right)

Attorneys say it is one of the most ridiculous wrongful arrests they have ever seen.

Attorney, E. Brent Bryson, says his client, 25-year-old Shane Lee Brown, who is black, was mistaken for a white man who was a wanted felon during a traffic stop.

Now, Shane Lee Brown has filed a federal lawsuit against two police agencies in Nevada — the Henderson Police Department and the Las Vegas Police Department.

Despite all the facts in the case, both police agencies deny any wrongdoing and stand by their actions. Even more bizarre, police fell short of saying that the 25-year-old matched the description of the felon.


Shane Lee Brown begged police to listen to him during his arrest, but they refused.

Bryson said, “One of the things that make my client’s arrest so absurd is that even a simple Google search showed who the real wanted felon was. Cops have so many more tools and they still got it wrong simply because of the name.”

“The real felon was later identified as Shane Neal Brown…who is 51 years old and white.”

Shane Lee Brown, said, “I begged the police to listen to me. I begged them to listen and they absolutely refused.”

Bryson said they has the real felon’s description and they ignored all the facts.

“Police unlawfully held my client in jail for a week,” said Bryson

During the traffic stop, Shane Lee Brown admitted that he had an expired registration on his vehicle, but had on his person, court documentation that showed he had a court date for the very next day to have the situation rectified. However, he said the arresting officers didn’t care.

Bryson says he believes it all comes down to Shane Lee Brown being black.

Shane Lee Brown’s lawsuit states he is suing for civil rights violations, false imprisonment, negligence, and other wrongful conduct by Las Vegas and Henderson police and their top officials.

Bryson said it was not just a failure on the part of the arresting officers, but also on the part of every member of the jail staff.

Ocala Post reached out to both police departments, however, they refused to answer any questions.

They would only say they stand behind the actions of their officers.

Bryson said that after Shane Lee Brown was released from jail, police discovered that Shane Neal Brown had already been arrested on his outstanding warrants and was in custody with another agency.

“Incompetence at best,” said Bryson. “This is a black and white case, literally.”

A judge ordered Shane Lee Brown to be released a week after his arrest and no charges had been filed.

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