Company offering $2,000 to play video games for 21 hours with one friend


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How many of you wish you could get paid for all the countless, wasted hours you spend playing video games?

What if you could pick one friend to play 21-hours of games with and get paid?

Well, one company is making that all possible.

Internet provider,, is offering $2,000 to two gamers willing to play 21-hours of video games per person together and report back on their experience.

The point of the challenge is because the company wants to know if people play better solo or with another person.

The company said it is a fun way to welcome some big titles coming out this year like Resident Evil Village. Additionally, you can celebrate anniversaries of video games like; The Legend of Zelda is turning 35, Donkey Kong is turning 40,  Sonic the Hedgehog, and Street Fighter 2 both turn 30. says it is literally paying you and a friend to plug in and veg out.

“We’re paying friends $2,000 to gear up (on our dime), play 21 hours of video games per person, and report their experience back to us. We’re wondering: do you play a little better with your best friend alongside you in the thick of the action, or is your focus that much sharper when you play by yourself,” said the company.

The company said, “To help you on your pixelated journey, we’re giving your inventory a boost. Our winners will receive a swag bag filled with gaming essentials, so you can play “together” while remaining remote. Each bag will include a Nintendo Switch Lite, access to both modern video game favorites and retro video game classics, and enough snacks to fuel countless online adventures.”

The company asked, “Let’s be honest with each other: you’re already playing 20+ hours a week anyway, so why not get paid for it?”

For fore information, or to register, click here.

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