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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Cops and Crime

    Corrupt cops who have committed crimes

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    Federal corrections officer arrested

    Ocala, Florida -- Federal corrections officer Wayne Matthew Intihar, 40, was arrested Tuesday after he was pulled over by an Ocala police officer for...
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    Deputy found not guilty in 2014 beating case

      Former Marion County Sheriff's deputy Jesse Alan Terrell, was found not guilty Wednesday afternoon. He was facing felony battery charges. Terrell, 33, is just one...
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    Chief of police was previously investigated for sex scandal, mayor stands by Graham

    Ocala, Florida -- During a press conference Monday, Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn displayed favoritism toward Ocala Police Chief Kenneth Gregory Graham, who has been...
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    Police officer arrested for unprotected sex while HIV positive

      West Palm Beach, Florida -- Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputies have arrested Greenacres Police Officer, Ervans Saintclair, 37, for intentionally having unprotected sex with...
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    Corruption in the City of Waldo exposed

      Waldo, Florida -- Many have heard the shocking stories about a little Florida town named Waldo -- also known as America's Worst Speed Trap. Over...
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    Corrections officers under investigation after video of inmate beating surfaces

    Lake County -- Inmates at the Lake Correctional Institution say they are in fear of their lives. Inmates say that a recent video, which was...
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    Video: 5th deputy indicted in Marion Oaks police brutality case

      Ocala, Florida -- A federal grand jury has indicted former Marion County Sheriff's deputy, Jesse Alan Terrell, 33, who is accused of beating Derrick...
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    Formal Grievance filed against Police Chief Graham, accused of sexual harassment by female officers,...

    Ocala, Florida -- Multiple sexual harassment complaints have been filed against Ocala Chief of Police Kenneth Gregory Graham. The Formal Grievance was filed on September 15, 2016. The...
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    Ocala police officer fired following Internal Affairs investigation

    // Ocala, Florida -- Former Ocala Police Officer Robert Cashner, 40, was fired from his job following an Internal Affairs investigation. Cashner...
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    Probation Officer Jorge Martir Arrested

    Polk County, Florida -- A probation officer in Polk County has been arrested after he started a personal relationship with a probationer to whom...
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    Ocala police officer arrested for DUI

    // Ocala, Post -- Following up on an anonymous tip, Ocala Post learned that Ocala Police Department Detective Daniel Clark was arrested...

    Florida Department Of Corrections Officer Scott Johns arrested for Capital Sexual Battery

      Ocala, Florida -- The Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a call on Monday, October 21, 2013, from an Ocala woman claiming that she had...
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    Ocala police officer arrested; getting “high” and playing video games while on duty

    // Ocala, Florida -- An Ocala Police Department police officer was arrested after officials received a tip that the officer had...
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    Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair indicted by grand jury

    OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE - On Friday, May 20, 2016, the State Attorney’s Office for the Fifth Judicial District indicted Sheriff Chris Blair for two...
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    Captain fired from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

    // Gainesville, Florida -- On March 6, 2014 Sheriff Sadie Darnell placed Captain Keith Vermillion, one of her top commanders, on...
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    Deputy arrested; charged with multiple felonies

      Polk County, Florida -- Detectives arrested Polk County Deputy Sheriff Julio Jose Garcia, 26, on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, charging him with Unlawful Compensation/Reward...
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    Corrupt deputy arrested for second time

    A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office deputy was arrested Saturday after he beat a handcuffed teenager who was sitting in the back of his patrol car. Deputy...
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    Fort Bliss Soldier Corey Moss Arrested For Attempted Murder

      El Paso, Texas -- An El Paso, Texas woman met her baby for the first time on Monday, November 4, 2013 after she survived...
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    Deputy and wife arrested following domestic dispute

    // Lakeland, Florida -- Roy Knecht, 44, a Polk County deputy, along with his wife, Sheena Knecht, 32, were involved in...

    Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings running for mayor, accused of using his race for...

    Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings announced Friday that he will run for Mayor. Many Orlando residents are not happy about the announcement . "The first thing...