Ocala police officer resigns in lieu of being fired

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Maj. Corey Taylor

Longtime Ocala Police Department police officer, Maj. Corey Taylor, resigned on October 21, in lieu of being fired after an investigation revealed that he falsified a Florida Narcotics Officers’ Association (FNOA) award nomination form.

Taylor sent the nomination form his personal email but identified another officer who is an agent with the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team (UDEST), as the writer on the nomination form nominating, Taylor.

The nomination was for the statewide officer of the year.

When questioned about the nomination, the UDEST agent stated that he did not put Taylor’s name in for officer of the year.


Taylor was questioned and initially made several false statements about the nomination and how his name was submitted.

He later confessed to making false statements and falsifying an official department document.

Taylor was with OPD for 21 years.