Dashcam video submitted by a citizen shows MCSO deputy run red light


Ocala, Florida — In the past few years, Ocala Post has reported on multiple instances where an officer or deputy has caused a serious crash.

Many of these crashes have resulted in hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars being spent to settle lawsuits.

In some of these crashes, the at-fault officer was never ticketed or reprimanded.

In each instance, citizens turned to Facebook to express concern and many have made it known that they feel a double standard exists.

On January 18, 2022, a citizen who requested to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation submitted a dashcam video that shows exactly how many of these crashes occur.

The driver who recorded the video can be heard briefly expressing his frustration as he sees what appears to be an MCSO deputy running a red light on Maricamp and SE 36th Ave.

The driver said he could not believe it and said that the public deserves an explanation.


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