Marion County inmate attacks corrections officer


ocala, inmate slams officer
Xavier Washington

Ocala, Florida — Xavier Washington, 43, was brought to the Marion County Jail for Violation of Probation and Career Offender Registration on May 30, 2014.

Washington was in the booking office being disruptive and creating a disturbance when Corrections Officer Damon instructed Washington to follow him to the holding cell where he intended to place him until he calmed down.


Washington refused, stating “I’m not f***ing going anywhere.”

After refusing to move a second time, Officer Damon instructed him to put his hands behind his back to be handcuffed. Washington again refused, at which time Officer Damon told him he would be sprayed with pepper spray if he did not put his hands behind his back.

Again, Washington stated “I’m not f***ing going anywhere…I’m not doing anything.” Officer Damon then sprayed Washington in the face with a burst of pepper foam, at which time Washington jumped up and punched Officer Damon solidly in the left side of his face with a closed fist.

Before Officer Damon could react, Washington wrapped his arms around him in a front “bear hug,” picking him up off his feet and body slamming him. Officer Damon’s head struck a metal bench and then the floor.

Washington continued to punch Officer Damon in the face and head while he was on his back.

Multiple corrections officers were finally able to pull Washington off of Officer Damon and restrain him.

Officer Damon was transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center where he was treated for contusions, swelling and bruises to his head.

Xavier Washington is a violent career criminal with an extensive arrest history, including multiple charges for felony battery on a law enforcement officer.

Washington is being held on a $10,000 bond.