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Monday, June 1, 2020

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    Violent felon arrested on warrant, violated injunction order

    A man was arrested on a warrant after he violated an injunction order in which he was to stay away from a residence where...
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    Logan’s Roadhouse, Ocala, closes its doors for good, others will likely follow

    Employees say they were not given an explanation prior to the closing and were notified at 2 p.m on February 19. Logan’s Roadhouse, located at...
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    Update on mm 352 crash involving semi

    At 5:27 p.m, FHP announced that they were in the final stages of cleanup and all southbound lanes have reopened. The Florida Highway Patrol said...

    OPD Sgt. suspended, falsified reports

    Ocala Police Department Sgt. Lonnie Freeman was suspended after it was discovered he falsified reports following an unlawful arrest. In addition to falsifying reports, Freeman...
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    UPDATE: 18-year-old was killed in I-75 crash after losing control of his vehicle

    Approximately 15-minutes after southbound lanes reopened following a vehicle crash involving a semi, a second A tractor-trailer vs passenger car occurred at the 368 mm. A...
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    Eerie public service announcement in Walmart parking lot

    End of the world creepy! That is how a reader described a public service announcement she recorded while at the Walmart on Highway 40...
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    Ocala man says he just wanted a “b-Job”

    // Ocala, Florida -- The United Drug Enforcement Strike Team (UDEST) recently conducted a "Prostitution/John Reverse" Operation for the sole purpose...

    Business owner runs off backseat lovers

    The owner of Team Bulldog Garage, Nmar Perez, said on Thursday that she and a tow truck driver had to run off two people...
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    Crime Stoppers tip leads to woman’s arrest

    A Crime Stoppers tip led two Ocala Police Department officers to a woman who was wanted on a VOP warrant for shoplifting. The tipster told...
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    Toddler who was run over in driveway, identified

    The Ocala Police Department has identified the little girl as 18-month-old Paris Narre Lecorn. Police say the grandmother, identified as Joleen Melanie Ellis, 45, had...
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    Testing had been non-existent, third case confirmed in Marion County

    The fourth case was confirmed by the DOH at 9:54 p.m. Original story OCALA, Fla.— On March 22, the Marion County Department of Health received notice...
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    Hit-and-run suspect arrested, wished death on trooper’s family

    Marion County -- A witness of a crash kept a suspect from fleeing the scene by using his vehicle to block the man in,...
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    Man arrested following traffic crash

    Ocala -- A man, who should have never been behind the wheel of a car, was arrested Monday after Ocala police say he caused...
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    Dumb criminals: Ocala woman smugly waved at officer before she was arrested

    // Ocala, Florida —An Ocala woman was arrested after she failed to comply with the terms of her felony probation following...
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    Ocala Police Department upset over false crime rate report, Marion County crime rate facts

    The Ocala Police Department, with good reason, is concerned and displeased over a recent article that depicted Ocala as being worse than Detroit for...
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    COVID-19 update for Marion County, city-by-city breakdown

    OCALA, Fla.—As of 6 p.m. Friday, April 3, Marion County has 38 total COVID-19 cases. The most recent individuals confirmed to have the virus...
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    Ocala man remains behind bars, made Molotov cocktails, attempted to burn down DCF building

    An Ocala man is being held on a $125,000 bond after he was arrested for attempting to burn down the Florida Department of Children...
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    West Port High School student arrested, charged with felony

    Ocala -- A West Port High School student was arrested Wednesday and charged with Possession of a Weapon on School Grounds. Robert MacMillan, the school...
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    Boyfriend who dragged, ran over and killed girlfriend, arrested

    The Florida Highway Patrol stated Sunday that nine hours after Eileen Bocca, 48, died from her injuries after being run over by her boyfriend,...
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    Ocala man, high on Molly, intended to stab brother to death

    Ocala -- Ocala police responded to 2018 SW 7th street after a witness called 911 and stated that Jabrell Coe, 27, had a knife...