Residents say Marion County is all about the money, citizens are ignored, development allowed to happen


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Residents are furious after the Marion County Commission gave approval for two new developments that will be built off of County Road 484.

SummerGlen residents packed a meeting held on October 20 and spoke out against the developments, but residents say commissioners already had their minds made up before the meeting even started.

According to residents, they are seriously concerned about the already problematic traffic in that area and do not feel like the developments are a good fit for that location. Additionally, they are concerned that all of the development will bring more crime to the area.


“This area will no longer be peaceful,” said one resident.

On Facebook, Jeff Mullins, wrote, “Commissioners have never cared and always go where the money will benefit them. They take no responsibility for the overdevelopment or increase in crime rates in this county.”

Residents say that Marco Polo’s plan to build a massive 320-unit apartment complex and 2.2 million square feet of commercial space is not a good match for that area for obvious reasons, namely traffic jams.

In a previous email to Ocala Post, resident Jim Walters, wrote, “As always, money talks and the taxpayers get the shaft, yet people vote these yahoos in over and over again.”

According to records, Marco Polo was already approved for 6 million square feet of commercial space in that area but Marco Polo is petitioning to roll it back to 2.2 million to include the apartment complex.

The plan has already been approved by the zoning board.

This is in addition to a project that will destroy 221 acres next to SummerGlen and make way for 841 houses.

Residents have been outspoken and against the proposed development from the beginning.

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