Kent Guinn will remain the mayor


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Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn [center] Ocala Post file photo
Ocala, Florida — Kent Guinn, who has been the mayor since 2011, will remain the mayor in Ocala after winning the re-election  Tuesday night.

Barbara Fitos, a former Marion County commissioner, lost to Guinn, 40.9 percent to 59.1 percent.

According to Fitos, she did not feel Guinn was fit for the position. She indirectly accused him of being a racist after Guinn recognized Confederate Memorial Day as an official city holiday.

Tyrone Oliver and Ira Bethea are set to go head to head in a runoff election on November 19, for Ocala City Council district 2.

Bethea got 32.4 percent of the vote and Oliver got 43.8 percent. That was less than the needed 50 percent+ 1 to avoid a runoff.

Reginald Landers came in third.

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