Op-Ed : Florida looking forward

Hollye Merton

Florida — Our lives are a balancing act between necessities and demands. As Americans, we all work diligently to earn a living, raise our children, and live productive lives. Many take time to make their community better in some way, either through a community giving organization or just giving of their volunteer time. And we all like spending time on the things we love, such as hobbies, sports or just relaxing when we are able.

This is typical American life. However, there is a movement that is working to change this forever. It is rooted in socialism and is antithetical to American principles. Until recently,
it has not been able to gain much traction. That has changed.

I speak of course about the onslaught of progressive movements that have found their way into our society via institutions, schools, and our government bodies. Things such as,
Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture, usurping an individual’s medical autonomy, stripping parents of their rights, and finally, our right to keep and bear arms are all in the Progressives’ plan to change the face of America.

When one embraces these ideals, they are considered, “Woke”; which is a term devised from misconceptions of a warped worldview. Aside from this movement’s advancing foothold in our everyday lives, it threatens to remake America into something it never was meant to be and Floridians, with the leadership of Governor DeSantis, have learned that these ideals must be stopped.


My opponent has openly called for her followers to “Stay Woke”. I am not sure if she buys into all of these malicious concepts, but her lack of leadership has netted the citizens in her district nothing in the way of meaningful legislation that would make their lives better. That does not make her a bad person. Not at all. She has fought for change. Unfortunately, change that most citizens in Florida would not consider in their best interests.

I have little experience drafting legislation; however, I know how to listen and find out what people need, which I feel is an important precursor to writing good legislation. Let it be known, I will adhere to the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Florida and work for all Floridians.

As your legislator, I will work to address many issues. However, my platform focuses on three key issues that are paramount, in my view, to keep Florida free. They are, securing our schools to ensure the safety of our children, protecting our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and restoring parental rights.

Our schools should be a place for our children to learn without fear. Past ideas have not worked. I know what will.

Whether or not someone likes guns, our right to bear arms is an integral part of why we are American and free. It is non-negotiable with me.

As a parent, I know all too well that parents have the right to raise their children in the manner they deem appropriate, barring neglect and abuse. To this end, school officials not only have a duty to their students but to the parents that entrust their children to them. I will not abide by anyone indoctrinating them into Wokeness, CRT, gender grooming, or any other demented ideal.

This is where I stand. I hope we can find common ground and stop the onslaught of these ideals as we are all Americans and most just want to exercise our right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness without government interference.

I hope you will stand with me on November 8th. A vote for Hollye Merton is a
vote to Keep Florida Free.

Hollye Merton
Republican Candidate
FL House District 21