Residents say getting through to My Access Florida is just as bad as filing for unemployment


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Florida — Have you tried to call My Access Florida through DCF and waited hours on hold just for someone to answer and hang up on you?

Well, you are not alone.

Those applying for food assistance say it has been a nightmare to apply and/or get recertified.


In many instances, individuals say they have waited on hold for up to six hours just to be hung up on. Others say their calls are never answered.

Those waiting for an interview say they call the interview line and are prompted to leave a message but never get a callback.

Families say that they have been without help for nearly two months due to “red tape” and have been “living off of ramen noodles.”

The “red tape” residents are referring to is verification documents such as “loss of employment” forms that must be filled out by a previous employer. However, many employers refuse to take the time to fill out the forms and sometimes, downright refuse.

When this happens, DCF will deny a person benefits altogether regardless if a family has been without food.

Those who have been lucky enough to get an interviewer on the phone have reported poor customer service skills and many times the person applying says they are being spoken down to by the DCF employee.

Single mother of three, Theresa Kline, said, “DCF employees have serious attitude problems and talk to you like they are above you. They talk to you like you are scum. When I ask for a supervisor I get placed on hold… then disconnected.”

On Facebook, Thomas Rawlings, wrote, “I am pretty sure DeSantis has had a hand in the decline in customer service and how benefits are approved. He leaves families out to dry because he has been against food assistance from the beginning.”

DCF says they are short-handed and do not have enough manpower to answer phones.

Food assistance forms can be filled out online, however, a phone interview is always required for final approval.