Sheriff Billy Woods and wife caught baiting turkeys, FWC officer attempted to covered it up


Originally published in 2023

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods and his wife were caught red-handed calling turkey to a baited area during a hunting trip in Madison County.

The incident, which was intentionally concealed, took place in 2021. The incident was not leaked to the press until 2023 and Sheriff Woods was heard on camera stating that the only people who would ever know about the incident would be him and his wife.

Instead of immediately issuing the sheriff and his wife a $500 citation, the officer who caught the sheriff, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer Randy McDonald, took the matter all the way to FWC Director Sutton before finally being told to issue the sheriff a ticket.

Typically, any other FWC officer would not hesitate to issue a civilian a citation for calling turkey to a baited area which is a  Second-degree misdemeanor and punishable by up to 60 days in jail and up to a $500 fine, if convicted.

Woods was given a mail-in citation for $300 so he could avoid court and his wife received a warning.

The nearly two-hour ordeal was captured on body cam, however, nearly an hour of that body cam footage was missing from the FWC video when requested.

FWC verified that there was loose corn spread on the ground where Woods and his wife were hunting.

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