Deputies open fire after mistaking acorn sound for gunfire


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Okaloosa County, Florida — A deputy, identified as Jesse Hernandez, opened fire on his occupied patrol car after an acorn fell from a nearby tree.

The deputy said he thought the acorn was gunfire.

The incident, which was captured on dashcam video, all started when deputies responded to a call involving a domestic dispute.


The girlfriend of the alleged suspect, Marquis Jackson, told deputies that Jackson had stolen her car and made threats of violence against her. Additionally, she told deputies that Jackson had a “silencer to a gun,” but was not sure where Jackson kept it.

After speaking with the girlfriend, deputies handcuffed Jackson and placed him in the back of Hernandez’s patrol car.

According to reports, an acorn then fell and made a “popping” sound. The acorn had struck the roof of the patrol car.

Hernandez, believing he had been shot, then fell to the ground and opened fire. Hernandez emptied his magazine and then reloaded.

A second deputy, Beth Roberts, also opened fire in response to Hernandez’s actions.

The Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office said Roberts will not face any disciplinary actions because she was following Hernandez’s lead when he yelled “shots fired.”

Jesse Hernandez has since resigned.

No one was injured.