Vehicle burglaries at gyms and parks, windows shattered

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Ocala, Florida — Thieves are targeting vehicles in Ocala, and it doesn’t look like keeping your vehicle locked will stop them.

Over this past weekend, there were multiple vehicle burglaries at Jervey Gantt, Planet Fitness, the Aquatic Center & Dog Park, and YMCA. Additionally, there were multiple vehicle burglaries in the Fore Ranch area.

Detectives said that the thieves smashed windows in the vehicles and stole anything they could get their hands on.

Ocala Police are advising citizens to lock their wallet or purse in the trunk, if attending a gym, park, or any other place where you leave possessions in the vehicle.

At least nine vehicles were damaged during the weekend burglary spree. Damages were estimated to be in the thousands of dollars.

If you have any information about these burglaries, call the Ocala Police Department at 352-369-7000, Crime Stoppers at 368-STOP, text 274637 using keyword 368-STOP, or visit Anonymity is guaranteed.

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  • john1967

    And MCSO always makes fun of the victim with that stupid ass cow bell for leaving doors and windows unlocked. Either way the victim loses.

  • Huskyrider

    All those places and no cameras? No other details from law enforcement? Let’s hope they are withholding that info for a good reason.

  • Pococoa

    I was one of 8 victims in March from a one man spree. Over $1800 in damage & loss just for me. Don’t know the totals for the seven others. The guy only got 2 years jail & 2 years probation. Barely a hand slap. No wonder these punks chose crime over jobs…… they got nothing to loose. If penalties were harsher, maybe they’d think twice about breaking the law.

  • Joanie

    Our vehicle was hit tonight, as well as a few other ones in our apartment complex. Police have 4 or 5 suspects in custody. They were caught not far from us.

  • HArry Ballzack

    These petty burglaries are going to get one of these low life punks shot in the face. And for what? A stereo and maybe some sunglasses? Can’t wait for story about the guy who robbed the wrong vehicle. I absolutely ffffing hate thieves.