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    Arsonist targeting law enforcement in Marion County

      Ocala, Florida -- Marion County law enforcement are under attack, and this time it's not from the Commission. Marion county has an arsonist that is...
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    Sheriff Chris Blair Boosts Office Morale Before The Holidays

      Ocala, Florida -- Since Sheriff Chris Blair was elected as Sheriff in 2012, Blair and the Sheriff's Office have been under constant attack. The...
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    Julio Alvarez Chases A Boy Down And Corners Him

      Ocala, Florida -- The Ocala police Department was dispatched to the area of the 700 block of NE 28th Street in Ocala, on November...
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    Michael Tarver, owner of Polliwog, hopes to get license back

      Ocala, Florida -- Michael Tarver, the owner of Polliwog Dental, LLC., is hoping to have his license reinstated this month. Tarver, who practices pediatric dentistry,...
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    Marion County Takes A Devastating Blow For Medicaid Patients

      Ocala, Florida -- The blame game and finger pointing over the past few days has seemed to have spiraled out of control when it...
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    Benjamin Boles Of Belleview High Arrested For Aggravated Battery

      Belleview, Florida -- Belleview High School Student Benjamin Austin Boles,18, has been arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery. On October 23, 2013, Deputy Nickolas Frost...

    Florida Department Of Corrections Officer Scott Johns arrested for Capital Sexual Battery

      Ocala, Florida -- The Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a call on Monday, October 21, 2013, from an Ocala woman claiming that she had...
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    Rocky Estes Told Deputies He Wasn’t Going Back Too Jail

      Ocala, Florida -- On October 19, 2013 Deputy Paul Hahn responded to the 5200 block of SW 21st Place in reference to a disturbance. According...
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    Drug Take Back Event, No Questions Asked

    Ocala, Florida -- The Marion County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Ocala Police Department, and in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), will...
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    Snap No Longer, Decrease In Food Stamps & ‘Obamacare’

    Food Stamp recipient benefits will decrease on November 1,2013. Food Assistant benefits will decrease due to the ending of SNAP increases from the...
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    Craigslist scams on the rise

    If you are someone that enjoys the ease of advertising items for sale on Craigslist you should be aware of the possible scams that...
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    Fatal Shooting at Serenity Apartments In Ocala

        Ocala, Florida -- Shortly after midnight, Friday, October 11, 2013, shots were fired at 4744 N.E. 32nd Lane in Ocala (Serenity Apartments). According to...
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    Michael Rogers Arrested For Facebook Post

    Ocala, Florida -- On October 6, 2013 the Marion County Sheriff's Office was contacted by Bloomington, Indiana Police. Deputy Zackary Hughes was the point...
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    UPDATE: Norovirus Confirmed October 9, 2013 Marion County

      Marion County, Florida—The Florida Department of Health in Marion County determined on October 9, 2013 that Norovirus is the cause of a recent outbreak...
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    Large Norovirus Outbreak In Marion County October 2013

    Marion County -- On October 4, 2013 at 10:35 a.m., Ocala Post was notified about a Norovirus outbreak at East Marion Elementary. The virus...
    Miguel Gauthier, Ocala Police Department, Ocala, Ocala news, Ocala Post

    Ocala Police Department Homicide Detective Miguel Gauthier arrested

    Ocala, Florida -- Ocala Police Department Robbery/Homicide Detective Miguel Gauthier was arrested on Sunday, September 29, 2013, after crashing his car into a brick...
    Sheriff Chris Blair, Kathy Bryant, ocala, ocala news

    Sheriff Chris Blair Strong Armed By Commission But Says, “I Still Have To Protect...

      The September 26, 2013, Marion County Board of County Commissioners meeting was nothing short of political strong arming. Residents of Marion County witnessed...
    Marcelo Mesa, Stefano Squartino, dunnellon, ocala

    Marcelo Mesa & Stefano Squartino Arrested In Dunnellon

      Dunnellon, Florida -- Two men have been arrested in Dunnellon after a traffic stop turns up a large amount of drugs. 21-year-old Stefano Squartino and...
    Cynthia Herr, hernando, marion county, ocala, ocala news, ocala post

    Teacher Cynthia Herr Arrested For Explicit Sexual Acts

      A teacher is accused of engaging in various explicit sexual acts with a 16-year-old boy. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Cynthia Herr, 35,...

    Largest Synthetic Marijuana K2 Bust In Marion County To Date

      Deputies raided a doughnut shop, and it wasn't to enjoy the powdered treats. An anonymous tip has led to a large drug bust and the...