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Monday, August 10, 2020
    drug-laced love letters, ocala news, marion county

    Woman sent drug-laced love letters to jail

    // Ocala, Florida -- An Ocala woman was arrested yesterday for sending her incarcerated boyfriend drug-laced love letters. According to officials, a...
    creepy, scifi, ocala news, ocala post, walmart announcement

    Eerie public service announcement in Walmart parking lot

    End of the world creepy! That is how a reader described a public service announcement she recorded while at the Walmart on Highway 40...
    monkey, FWC, university of florida, UF, ocala news,

    Ocala photographer believes monkey was harmed by UF researchers

    // Ocala, Florida -- Graham McGeorge has spent the last five years photographing a feral colony of Rhesus Macaques, a type...
    attorney general pam bondi, florida, ocala, ocala news, ocala post, OP

    Pam Bondi Petitions Supreme Court On Legalizing Marijuana

      Tallahassee, Florida -- In accordance with state law, the Attorney General’s Office on October 24, 2013, petitioned the Florida Supreme Court for an...
    Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster, universal, orlando, ocala, ocala post, ocalapost

    Universal’s Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster Stuck

      Orlando, Florida -- Around 7 p.m. on October 9, 2013, 12 people found themselves stuck in a vertical position on the 'Rip Ride Rockit'...
    GI Bill, Ocala News, Marion county

    GI Bill Passes House Unanimously

      Tallahassee, FL. – Today, Florida’s Senators met to honor the brave men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces. During the...
    Rick Scott's Budget

    Rick Scott signs in-state tuition bill at the expense of Florida families

    // Tallahassee, Florida -- Florida residents are outraged following the secret signing of House Bill 851. Governor Rick Scott quietly signed legislation...
    ocala news, prescriptions, marion county news, drugs,

    Woman used doctor’s DEA number to forge prescriptions

    // Ocala, Florida -- A woman is serving weekend jail sentences following an investigation that linked her to multiple forged prescriptions. The...
    five star cellular burglary, sprint store, ocala news, marion county news

    Video: Burglary at Five Star Cellular Sprint store

    // Ocala, Florida -- Ocala Police are still searching for three burglary suspects who smashed in the glass door of a...

    DeSantis signs bill to increase salaries for teachers

    At a press conference Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that will provide $500 million in funds to raise teachers starting salaries...
    xbox, video games, domestic violence, ocala news, marion county news, man beat up pregnant woman,

    Man assaulted pregnant girlfriend over XBOX

    // Summerfield, Florida -- A Summerfield man remained behind bars Monday after he assaulted his pregnant girlfriend over a video game...
    florida texting ban, texting, ocala, ocala news, ocala post

    Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law

      On October 1, 2013 at 12:01 a.m., the new "Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law" goes into effect. s. 316.305 (3)(a) is defined as...
    The Rook, Marion County

    Local law enforcement agencies waiting on The Rook Vehicle

    // Ocala, Florida -- It's called The Rook, a unique machine used to protect law enforcement officers, while they protect you. Marion...
    Richard Hummel Points Bow at deputy

    Man Points Bow And Arrow At A Deputy

    Marion County, Florida -- On September 7, 2013, Deputy Writer responded to a call at 15545 NE 148 Ter. Rd. in Ft McCoy, after...
    colby carr, stacy burch, ocala post, ocala news, op, ocala

    Shots Fired Near Emerald Shores Elementary School

      Silver Springs Shores -- Emerald Shores Elementary School was put on lockdown today Just before 11 a.m., after a 911 call came in...
    ocala news, marion county, burglary

    Burglary suspect on the run

    // Silver Springs -- Marion County sheriff's deputies are searching for a burglar in the Silver Springs area after a man...
    fort king middle school, ocala news, marion county news,

    Girls being sexually harassed at Fort King Middle

    // Ocala, Florida -- According to Ocala father, David Marrs, a Fort King Middle school boy who sits near his 12-year-old...
    walking dead town for sale, ocala news, georgia news,

    ‘Walking Dead’ town for sale

    // Are you a 'Walking Dead' fan? If so, you now have a chance to own part of a town where...
    ocala traffic, ocala news, ocala post

    Temporary lane closures along Buena Vista Boulevard

    Motorists traveling in southeastern Marion County will experience the following temporary lane closures along Buena Vista Boulevard. The closures are necessary so crews can landscape...
    car burglary jervey gant

    Multiple car burglaries in Ocala; doors were locked

    // Ocala, Florida -- According to the Ocala Police Department, 16 vehicles were burglarized on May 14, 2014, all within two...