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Saturday, February 27, 2021
    bestiality, ocala news, ocala post, sex with horse

    Man arrested after he mounted horse

    A Citra man was arrested Monday after a witness reported that she saw the man having sex with a miniature horse named Jackie G. According to...
    baby donkey, ocala news, ocala post, donkey stolen

    Baby miniature donkey stolen from yard

    Mrs. Amyotte, a resident of Ocala, said that on August 25, under the darkness of night, someone stole her family's baby miniature donkey from...

    New Critical Wildlife Area in Volusia County

    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) today approved a new Critical Wildlife Area in Volusia County. The small island, known as Port Orange...
    bald eagles mating, bald eagles, ocala news, ocala post

    “The most American thing I’ve seen today”

    An Ocala resident noticed two bald eagles mating in her backyard Friday and was able to capture a photo without disturbing them. "This is the...

    Rabies alert for parts of Marion County

    Official Press Release -- Ocala, Florida -- The Florida Department of Health in Marion County has issued a rabies alert for Northwest Ocala/Marion County....
    alligator vs bird, crane, animals, ocala news, bird protects babies, florida news

    Alligator-VS-Bird: Sandhill crane protects her family from alligator

    Now we know where the "Karate Kid" got his moves from. Nothing to see here, move along!! Watch this bird protect her babies from...
    bear, ocala national forest, marion county news, bears, ocala post

    Woman thought noises were from an intruder

    Marion County -- A woman snapped pictures of a mother bear and her cubs as they played right outside her door. Charlene D. said that she was...
    K-9 dies in car, deputy killed dog, dog left in car by cop, gainesville news, do not leave pets in cars

    Deputy on leave after K-9 left in patrol car, died

      Gainesville, Florida -- An Alachua County Sheriff's K-9 deputy was placed on paid administrative leave after his K-9 was found dead in his patrol...
    black bear hunting florida, ocala news, florida news, fwc, black bear hunt

    FWC: Bear hunting postponed for 2016

    (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Florida -- Today, the seven-member Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) voted to postpone bear hunting in Florida in...
    animal cruelty, ocala news, marion county news, family pet

    Man, drunk, cut throat of family pet

    // Ocala, Florida -- A family's pet pig is dead after a man sliced its throat with a pocket knife. Marion County Animals...
    bob barker, DJ&T foundation, ocala news, marion county news, Forest Animal Rescue

    Former game show host, Bob Barker, helps local animal sanctuary

        // Ocala, Florida -- Forest Animal Rescue will immediately start construction on the Bob Barker Animal Care Building, thanks to a generous $100,000...
    hunting dogs, dogs killed, marion county news, ocala news, animal cruelty, animal abuse

    Hunting dogs found dead in Ocala National Forest

    // Marion County -- Authorities are still investigating the deaths of three hunting dogs that were found deceased in the Ocala National...
    pets, animals, ocala news, santa, marion county news, christmas

    Pet photos with Santa

    // Ocala, Florida -- Grab the purr-fect or fetching pet photo of the year during Pet Photos with Santa sponsored by UF Pet...

    FWC releases “snakes” throughout Florida, part of 2016 Python Challenge

    // The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is conducting a Virtual Snake Finding Mission, “releasing” toy snakes near popular Florida landmarks...
    ocala news, marion county news, bear hunt, florida, bears killed illegally,

    Man accuses FWC of giving back illegal bear killed during bear hunt

    // Florida -- Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said they will have to make some adjustments before the next bear hunt. This...

    Boy bitten by his father’s K-9 police dog

    // Ocala, Florida -- The son of a Marion County Sheriff's K-9 handler was bitten by the handler's unattended K-9 police dog. On September 29,...
    ocala news, marion county news, animal poisoning, antifreeze, ocala post, op

    Teen had poisoned neighbor’s pet in the past

    // Ocala, Florida -- On Sunday, Marion County Sheriff's Deputies responded to 12170 Southwest 43rd street, after a woman reported that her dog...

    FWC: Register for the 2016 Python Challenge

    //   Official Press Release - Want to help conserve Florida’s unique Everglades ecosystem? Then sign up for the 2016 Python Challenge™ competition and...
    dog died, dog left in hot car, ocala news, newspaper, marion county

    Dog dies after it was left in Humane Society van

    // Ocala, Florida -- The Humane Society of Marion County said that they are devastated over the death of one of their dogs...

    Abandoned puppy didn’t die alone, captivated many hearts

    // Belleview, Florida  -- In a town filled with crime and government corruption, Marion County citizens were ecstatic to see people work together to...