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Sunday, August 9, 2020
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    Labor leaders dislike county contract for firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs

      Ocala, Florida -- On July 10, the Marion County Board of County Commissioners offered a contract to firefighters and paramedics that provided wage increases of...
    John McLeod, ocala news, election 2016, ocala city council, corruption

    Alleged ethics violation allegations against city councilman John M. McLeod

    // Ocala, Florida -- Ocala Post is currently investing city councilman John M. McLeod, after receiving information that suggests he failed to...
    Iranian Students Pharrell Williams' song "Happy"

    Iranian Students Arrested For Happy Video;Freed

    // Pharrell Williams' video "Happy" by six Iranian students Iran -- Six students who were arrested in Iran for dancing in...
    Gadsden flag, dont tread on me, ocala news, ocala city council,

    Dont Tread On Me flag making waves in Ocala

      Ocala, Florida — Keith Greenberg, the owner of Gear Barrel, recently relocated to Ocala, Florida from Chicago. He opened his business within the city...
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    FSBA filing lawsuit to remove Step Up For Students

      The Florida School Board Association, an organization that calls themselves the voice of education, is filing a lawsuit today, that if won, would shut...
    confederate flag, ocala news, marion county news, southern pride, florida, southern heritage

    Protesters say Confederate flag at Marion County complex “fell” down

    // Ocala, Florida -- Saturday, an Ocala man who was at the anti-Confederate flag protest at the McPherson Governmental Complex, removed...

    Many turn to Facebook, refer to Ocasio-Cortez as a child

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D) New York., arrived on Capitol Hill for freshman orientation Tuesday, not to speak with the office of House Minority Leader Nancy...
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    Grinch Governor Chafee Allows Christmas Tree

      Rhode Island -- Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee released statement Monday December 2, 2013 announcing that the tree at the State House will be...
    Senator Don Gaetz, marijuana, marion county, ocala post

    To the Editor: Senator Don Gaetz says marijuana ingredient will help kids

      Over the past few weeks, I have listened to a growing number of Northwest Floridians who have strong opinions about the medical use of...
    donald trump, ocala, donald trump coming to ocala

    Donald Trump to visit Ocala, tickets available

    Ocala, Florida -- Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump plans to visit Ocala. According to Southeastern Livestock Pavilion manager, Denise Alexander, Trump is scheduled to be...
    cops grant, florida, ocala news

    COPS grants to fund 215 law enforcement agencies

    // Attorney General Eric Holder and Director Ron Davis of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) today announced the...
    el paso, gun rights, democrats, trump, ocala post

    Democratic presidential candidates attack gun rights, blame President Trump for El Paso shooting

    By Rebecca Long/The Daily Lash On MSNBC, Democratic presidential candidates Beto O'Rourke, U.S. Sen. Cory Booker,  and Sen. Kamala Devi Harris blatantly blamed President Donald Trump for...
    gin control, Florida, gun rights, second amendment, 2nd amendment. nra

    National Action Network takes aim at your right to keep and bear arms

      Florida -- Is Florida under attack?  Many Floridians say yes, as many organizations refer to Florida as the wild west. This includes many LGBTQ organizations. The...
    ocala news, firefighters, marion ocunty news, corruption, MCFR, marion county fire rescue

    Firefighter exodus continues with stalled negotiations; county may reduce requirements for Fire Chief

    // Ocala, Florida  -- Marion County firefighters are still waiting to hear back from county officials on their contract as the...
    2014 election

    Election day is here, 2014

    // Now, at last, America gets to decide. Millions of people are casting votes nationwide in an election that could hand Republicans...
    transgender, bathroom, ocala news, marion county news,

    Transgender bathroom ban passes 4-1

    // Ocala, Florida -- The resolution to ban transgender bathrooms in Marion County schools has been officially adopted. During a Tuesday...
    ocala news, terrorist, isis, marion county, sheriff blair

    MCSO: Monumental change within the sheriff’s office

    Ocala, Florida — In light of recent terrorist attacks, increased chatter, and intelligence about "lone-wolf" terrorists — both foreign and domestic — the Marion...
    marijuana leglization, medical marijuana

    Sheriff Chris Blair Said, “Again I will say, medical use of marijuana for serious...

    // Ocala, Florida -- Sheriff's across Florida are gearing up for a campaign called "Don't Let Florida Go To Pot," a...

    Atheists complain about today’s prayer vigil

        Ocala, Florida -- Today's Community Prayer Vigil, that the Ocala Police Department is urging citizens to support, has atheists upset. This is a community vigil,...