The public is creating its own crisis by stockpiling out of fear over COVID-19

coronavirus panic, ocala news, toilet paper shortage
Photo by Ocala Post – March 12, 2020

While the coronavirus should be taken seriously, the public should not panic and stockpile goods as it is creating an unnecessary shortage of many items such as toilet paper.

In addition to toilet paper disappearing off of shelves, on Thursday, several people were seen at different gas stations filling numerous gas containers.

When asked why so many gas cans, one couple replied, “just preparing for the virus.”

According to the CDC, not all the items people are frantically stockpiling are necessary or even useful.


“A cart full of toilet paper is overkill even if a person is under quarantine,” the CDC said. “The virus does not cause diarrhea.”

Additionally, if you are under a 14-day quarantine, you will not be driving anywhere, therefore, no need to stockpile gasoline.

The CDC said they do want the public to understand that COVID-19 is more contagious than the flu and to take proper precautions, but absolutely do not want mass hysteria or people stockpiling out of fear.

The CDC said people should use common sense.