Officers enter wrong home, woman embarrassed they saw her underwear



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Photo by FHP

A woman arrived home Wednesday to find four Police Officers searching the inside of her house.

The woman said the officers were “acting like lunatics.”

She said she was embarrassed because the officers had even searched through her drawers and saw her Scooby-Doo underwear.

The woman said, “They checked the air conditioner vents, inside the oven, and the bed mattress… tearing it apart.”

The woman said that she asked the officers if they had a search warrant and they just laughed.

One officer asked, “Where did you hide it?”

The woman replied, “hide what?”

Then, all of a sudden an officer looked at his mobile phone and screamed to the other officers, “Stop what you are doing, we are in the wrong house. The Pokémon is next door.”

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This story is for comedic purposes only. If this story offended you, you might have a problem. Ocala Post is sure this story will eventually pop up on the credible website Snopes (insert sarcasm), just to prove to someone it’s a fake story. Ocala Post is NOT a satirical news website, but sometimes it is good to laugh. Please Pokémon responsibly.