Eric Holder Wants Federal Charges Against Zimmerman – Double Standard?

Blacks riot for Trayvon Martin
Violence After Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

The black community cannot seem to move past the Not Guilty verdict in the Zimmerman Trial. While violence grows among the black community; breaking out businesses windows, attacking innocent bystanders, and threatening the defense teams families, the NAACP is pressing the DOJ.

Death Threats Against George Zimmerman
Death threats against Zimmerman and the Jury

A Sanford, FL resident who is an African American female said “how can they allow an all white jury of women, everyone knows that white women are afraid of black men.” Chants in the crowd range from “I am Trayvon” to “Kill Zimmerman.” Twitter is flooded with death threats toward [white people] as well as to the six innocent women that were on the jury. Black men demanding the addresses of the jurors and threatening to rape the defense attorney’s daughter. Many Sanford residents have stated “the threats are sickening , the serious threats to [white people] does not help the image of the black community at all.”

Eric Holder is bringing the [Stand Your Ground] law into the spotlight yet Zimmerman’s trial had nothing to do with SYG nor was it ever used in the defense of Mr. Zimmerman. Holder has met with NAACP leaders as to whether or not Federal charges will be brought against Zimmerman citing Zimmerman violated Trayvon’s Civil Rights. Obama has stated “I will not play a role in the DOJ decision in regards to filing Federal charges against Zimmerman.” However many Americans are not buying into Obama’s claim that he will not be involved. Many Americans feel that Holder is favoring the black community in many of his decisions including the decision to drop the charges against the New Black Panther Party during Obama’s re-election. During Obama’s re-election the NEW Black Panther Party blocked [white voters] from entering voter poles in fear they would not vote for Obama. Charges were filed but later dropped after Holder was appointed by Obama. Holder said “ I have to protect my people.”

Americans want to know why evidence from Trayvon’s cell phone, including Trayvon’s reputation and background from Miami was not allowed to be admitted into evidence. One Marion County, FL resident who wishes to withhold their name said “Zimmerman was found not guilty however the community is still making Trayvon appear as if he were a five year old innocent child. His cell phone and his troubled past in Miami tell a different story. A young man at the age of 17 that grows marijuana, tries to purchase a hand gun, and was found with jewelry that he claimed was “given” to him paints a different picture. However the black community is not willing to look at those facts , they are only looking at it one sided. Black children shoot each other every day yet Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not make a big deal out of those shootings do they? Blacks rape white young girls every day and get away with it. Did the [whites] riot after OJ killed a white woman? No, we didn’t because we have more sense. Zimmerman was retreating and there was FOUR minutes for Trayvon to plot his attack in the pitch black dark. Attorney Krump said ‘it’s not OK that Zimmerman called Trayvon a [fu####g punk] or an [A-hole]’, yet it’s OK for Trayvon to refer to Zimmerman a [Creepy Ass Cracka]. I feel like there is a huge double standard here.”


So, is there a double standard among the black community? We want to hear from you. Vote and leave your comments below.


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