Roderick Scott: The Black George Zimmerman


christopher cervini_roderick scottRoderick Scott, a black man, shot and killed Christopher Cervini, an unarmed 17-year-old white child/teenager, in 2009.

Scott faced a charge of first-degree manslaughter after it was reduced from Murder. Scott claimed he shot the teen in self defense.

The similarities in this case are uncanny to those of the Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case in Florida.

During the early morning hours of April 4, 2009, 42-year-old Roderick Scott was asleep on the couch of his Greece, New York home. He was awakened by noises outside. After looking out the window, Scott observed three kids/teens breaking into his car. Scott then placed his gun in his waistband, told his girlfriend to call 911, and walked outside. (Instead of calling 911 and staying in his house he perused the teens.)


Scott confronted the teens, who were at that point going through a neighbor’s car. Scott stated he told them to “stop and wait for the police.” Sadly one of the teens would not have that chance. Scott, who already had drawn his gun, chambered a round, and was in a shooting stance, unlike George Zimmerman, fired two shots at 17-year-old Christopher Cervini, killing him. Scott immediately claimed self defense. However unlike the Zimmerman/Trayvon case there was an eye witness. James Cervini, a 15-years-old, was one of the three teens that were allegedly breaking into cars that morning. James stated that Scott shot Christopher after he yelled, “please don’t shoot me, I’m just a kid.” Scott denies The 17-year-old ever said those words to him.

The prosecution intended to prove that 17-year-old Christopher was actually shot from behind and not from the front as Scott had Claimed but the Jury did not see it that way. Scott was subsequently acquitted by the Jury after 19 hours of deliberation.

This trial did not make national headlines as the Zimmerman trial did and was quickly forgotten by the public due to the lack of media coverage. Why? Many suspect it’s because it was a black man that killed a 17-year-old white male. The media did not turn it into a sideshow nor did they make it about race. One Mom said “Obama, Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder did not come to the 17-year-old Christopher’s defense. The white community didn’t have the “New Black Panther Party” threatening to kill Scott Roderick in justice of young Christopher. 17-year-old Christopher Cervini’s parents didn’t trademark Christopher’s name and attempt to profit from it. Jamie Foxx didn’t step up to the plate and make any statements or wear any shirts in Christopher’s memory. Why? I don’t understand she said emotionally. The media was a huge problem in the Zimmerman case yet they barely covered Christopher’s tragic death. Why aren’t Federal Charges being pushed by Eric Holder? Was it because 17-year-old Christopher was white? Please explain it to me Mr. Holder. I want an explanation and the parents deserve an explanation.”

This seems to be the question on the minds of many Americans after the Circus during and following the Zimmerman/Trayvon trial that has yet to be answered.