Disney employee kidnaps and sexually batters coworker


Disney assault, orlando florida
Gideon Paul Hunte [Mugshot]
Orlando, Florida — Earlier today, a Walt Disney World janitor was arrested for kidnapping and sexually battering a female coworker.

The victim stated that the attacker, Gideon Paul Hunte, 49, pinned her against a wall in a custodial closet on Thursday evening. The victim also said that Hunte forced her onto her knees while he attempted to attack her.

The victim told deputies that the attack lasted as long as five minutes and she resisted the entire time.


The victim said she was not friends with Hunte nor did they ever have a prior relationship.

Hunte admitted to having inappropriate contact with the woman after waving his Miranda Rights.

Hunte was taken to the Orange County Jail after being investigated by authorities.

By Michael LaTulipe