Man hit, choked pregnant woman, released on bond

Shaqniel Bailey

On January 13, OPD Officer J. Lawrence was on patrol when he was dispatched to a late-reported domestic battery at the Howard Johnson hotel, located at 3951 NW Blitchton Rd.

Initial reports indicated that the victim had previously lied to OPD about being a victim of domestic battery, but now wished to disclose having been battered by her boyfriend.

The victim stated that she was afraid her boyfriend would return to Howard Johnson and discover she had called Ocala OPD and wanted to meet in the parking lot of a neighboring motel.

The officer responded to the area and met with the victim in the back of Comfort Suites.

Upon making contact with the victim, the officer noticed that she was upset, crying, and continually looked back toward the parking lot of the Howard Johnson motel to make sure no one was watching her.

How it started:

The victim stated that she and her boyfriend, Shaqniel O’Neil Bailey, had been dating since early 2017 and that, the two have lived together off and on since they began dating.

According to the victim, she is pregnant with Bailey’s child.

The victim said on December 20, 2020, she was at Bailey’s mother’s residence after Bailey had returned to Florida after having been in Texas since September 2020 for work.

According to the arrest affidavit, Bailey asked to see the victim’s cell phone while she was in the shower. However, he was unable to access it due to a passcode.

A short time later, the victim exited the shower and Bailey told the victim she was “being sneaky.”

Bailey then stated, “You’re trying my intelligence.”

While the victim was on the bed, Bailey grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off. Bailey then grabbed the victim by the throat with both hands in a C-clamp grip and began choking her.

Bailey choked the victim for approximately 30 seconds during which time her airway was cut off and she could not breathe. The victim was able to break free by prying away one of Bailey’s fingers. As Bailey continued to argue and scream at the victim she decided to leave with her 5-year-old son and return to the hotel.

According to reports, Bailey followed her.

Back at the hotel, Bailey kept berating the victim and seemed like she was going to hit her.

According to the report, the victim told Bailey if he hit her she would call the police, at which time Bailey began running toward the victim.

Bailey grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground. He then punched her multiple times in the left ear and mouth. He then, again, placed both his hands in a C-clamp grip around her neck and began choking her but quickly let her go because of other hotel guests watching.

The two then entered their hotel room.

Bailey continued to argue with the victim and the victim told Bailey that she could no longer be with him.

Bailey then stated, “You promised you would never leave me.”

Bailey then grabbed the victim in a bear hug, slammed her on the ground, and began choking her.

It was at that time, a police officer knocked on the door.

Bailey became enraged and told the victim that if she told the officer that [he] had hit her that he would hurt her. Additionally, Bailey told her that he would not be the only person to come after her if he was arrested. He then told the victim to “compose” herself and answer the door.

The victim told the officer that the argument was only verbal and the two trespassed from the hotel.

They then rented a room at the Howard Johnson.

On January 11, the two became involved in another argument where Bailey again, punched and choked the victim.

On January 13, the victim left the room to get food and when she returned, Bailey asked, Where the f**k have you been?” The two argued for a brief moment before Bailey went downstairs to smoke marijuana.

While Bailey was downstairs, the victim began packing up her belongings.

When Bailey realized that the victim was trying to leave, he began screaming at her. Bailey then left and the victim called OPD.

The officer noted that the victim had visible bruising on her arms, a cut on her face, and bruising inside her mouth.

When asked why she did not tell officers what had happened when they responded on January 11, she said that she feared for her life.

On January 14, Bailey was arrested and charged with Felony Battery by Strangulation, Aggravated Battery; Pregnant Victim, and Tampering with a Victim.

On January 22, he was released on an $11,000 bond.

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