Boy bitten by his father’s K-9 police dog


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Ocala, Florida — The son of a Marion County Sheriff’s K-9 handler was bitten by the handler’s unattended K-9 police dog.

On September 29, 2015, K-9 Deputy Corporal Alan Lee, contacted his supervisor, Sergeant Tyson Collins, and stated he was in route to Timberridge Hospital with his 7-year-old son, who had been bitten by the service dog.

At the hospital, Corporal Lee said he had been playing in the backyard with his son and his fiancée’s two children.


Reports indicate that the children went inside a barn located on the property, while the father retreated to the residence to get a drink, leaving K-9 Zeus unattended and unsecured.

During that time, one of the children allowed the K-9 inside the barn.

According to reports, Corporal Lee’s son was in the loft area of the barn yelling at the other children when the K-9 went upstairs and attacked the boy.

When Corporal Lee heard the commotion, he called out to Zeus.

The 7-year-old suffered multiple puncture wounds to his neck, arms, and back. He had to have more than three dozen stitches to repair his injuries.

Sergeant Collins reported, “I verbally counseled Corporal Lee of the importance of never leaving his assigned K-9 unattended and unsecured in any location, and also made him aware of public safety issues pertaining to this.”

Reports show that an internal investigation was not initiated after the incident.

The report also referred to the attack as an “apprehension” by the K-9.

Corporal Lee’s son is still recovering from his injuries.

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