Marion Oaks woman burnt a child with cigarette

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Regina Mays

Ocala, Florida — A woman arrested for battery says she did not do anything wrong.

Ocala police responded to a residence after the mother of a juvenile victim reported that the child had been intentionally burned with a cigarette.

According to reports, Regina Patricia Mays, 53, went to the mother’s residence and demanded money. Mays told the mother that she needed it to have her electricity turned back on.

The mother told Mays that she didn’t have any money, at which time Mays became angry and starting yelling at the mother. When she was asked to leave, Mays cursed at the woman and then burned her child with a lit cigarette while the mother was holding the juvenile.

Mays then fled the area.

A warrant was issued for her arrest on April 6, 2016.

On April 9, Ocala police were able to locate Mays.

During questioning, Mays stated that she did not burn the child and denied ever being at the residence.

Later, Mays stated that she was present at the residence, but only requested money so she could buy cocaine and heroin. Despite police having photographs of the child’s injures, Mays denied burning the child with a cigarette.

Mays was charged with Battery. She was released from jail on a $500 bond.

Mays has previous arrests for drug possession.

The child was treated for the injuries and will make a full recovery.

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  • Passlinebet

    I can’t believe it. She looks like someone who’s made great life choices….

  • Toby

    She looks like she got in a fight with a tackle box, damn .

    • dawn

      good one

  • Sandy

    How dare she be released on bail, where will she go next to get drug money. Burning a child with a cigarette, in my opinion, requires more than $500 bail. Our justice system needs to be reviewed.

    • Lacy

      What’s new about the freaks living and surviving in that ghetto. If you think that is bad you ought to see the dirty deeds of the Marion Oaks Volunteer Eyes people. And Deed Restriction. Porthole to hell.

    • harry

      how old was the child? could the child have gotten burned accidently? your standing there holding a smoke, child runs up from behind, wham, burnt child

    • Alice DelaRosa

      You’ve got that right!

  • Charlie

    I can’t even

  • nohilderbeast2016

    wish I had a really big magnet that I could toss in her direction…

  • robyn

    this lady would never hurt a baby or any child I know her and shes very nice don’t judge a book by its cover

    • Ms Betty

      I wouldn’t brag about that if I were you. She belongs in jail for abusing a child!

  • dawn

    She is really disgusting start with a pair of pliers and keep going

  • harry

    wow, hey people there are cultures out there that have been around longer then the usa, respect your elders

  • urchittingme

    If she would work on her appearance a bit maybe she could get a job and have her own money

  • ts

    The punishment for witchcraft is poverty, I once read.