Belleview woman shot to death, suspect hospitalized

Frank Friday

A suspect who was wanted for questioning in the shooting death of a Belleview woman on Monday has been captured.

A caller had reported a woman screaming, followed by gunshots. Belleview police responded to the 5900 block of Front Road and found the body of a woman who had been shot to death between two apartment buildings.

The suspect, later identified as Frank Friday, 20, fled the area in a gray Chevy Impala. Friday crashed a short time later.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies responded to Gulf Park subdivision in reference to that crash.

When deputies arrived, Friday was armed with a gun and fled on foot.

K-9 units, SWAT, and Air One searched for the suspect for several hours.

MCSO SWAT Team members located Friday hiding in the exterior bushes of a home in Golf Park Estates.

According to reports, Friday was still armed and refused to cooperate.

During the standoff, Friday allegedly shot himself and was transported to a local hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

Friday was just released from Jail in June after having been arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Domestic Battery by Strangulation, and False Imprisonment.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating.

The investigation is ongoing. Stay tuned for further details.

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  • Tyler Kemp

  • hopefully he never gets to see the light of day again.

  • Wow, this is awful.

  • Jonathan Petrasek

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  • Jennifer Battle

  • If he does it saves us law abiding tax payers a ton of money…public defender, prison!

    • Dies, not does!

    • He got arrested and will be tried and found guilty. There’s only 2 choices for him. Life in Prison or Death Penalty. Ultimately it’s the judges decision.

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    Scumbag should have shot himself first…

  • Samuel Devoe Haley Marie

  • Joni Stanley Mulhall this is what happened

    • So very sad!!! Just don’t understand what drives people to do such evil, hateful and senseless acts…

      • Mike Rogers

        It reminds me of a you tube video I watched. This guy was at a movie theater and was carrying his concealed firearm. Also in the theater was a couple of guys who wouldn’t stop talking throughout the movie. The guy wanted to say something but decided with his firearm on him and the total lack of respect these guys had he knew it probably wouldn’t have ended well. The point is he had so much to lose in this situation if things went south. His job his family his freedom his house to name a few. When you look at what the other guys had to lose it puts it in perspective. They probably don’t own anything they have no hope of a future. In a way jail and prison is a lifestyle upgrade. And the younger they are the more dangerous they are because they don’t see the repercussions of their actions.

    • Joni Stanley Mulhall I agree. Very sad ! He has a violent history too !

  • Hopefully that sorry sack of shit doesnt make it out of the hospital

  • Rot

  • Take a good hard look at this, Marion County Judicial system….you let this fucker run wild after Assault with a DEADLY WEAPON, battery by STRANGULATION, and KIDNAPPING….and now an innocent woman, mother, (teacher?) is dead because of your incompetence. Hope you’re proud of letting people like this run free.

    • If you read the court records, they dropped the charges because his victim would not cooperate. They didn’t let him run wild, they couldn’t prosecute him because she wouldn’t cooperate. Yes it’s sad a young woman died but this can’t be blamed on the court.

    • Yes it is sad that the state didn’t continue fwd to prosecute without the victim. Unfortunately only common weath states have that law. My heart goes out to the young woman’s family and friends

    • I stand by my statement.

    • Teacher ? Who was she

    • Thats why theres a question…i saw someone post she may have been a teacher? Daycare maybe for being so young? Dont quote me though, sooo many posts about this in so many pages with so many comments

    • Casey Siat Boone but why can’t the DA pick up the charges and go forward?

    • What’s that website?

    • Kimberly Johnson if you want to look up charges, you can go to MArion County Clerk of Courts and do a public records search

    • Thanks kimber.

    • The domestic violence procedure needs to be reformed. That way, victims won’t feel overwhelmed, intimidated and hopeless. Her not being cooperative is a sign of fear. Unfortunately, they can’t force victims to have faith in a system with loopholes and no actual protection. The family needs prayers, not criticism of their loved one who can’t defend her decision.

    • No one criticized anyone but the system. You need to re-read

    • TiAnna Shree you’re correct restraining orders don’t work until after they’ve violated them

    • Kimber Bailey I read perfectly! The second commenter indicated that it can’t be blamed on the court. Maybe you NEED to reread.

    • Sherry Teague and even if they’ve violated you have to have proof which is often times tough if there is no physical proof. Abuse is not always physical.

    • TiAnna Shree i read that the first time, along with “i stick by my statement”

    • I agree TiAnna Shree there needs to be some changes very unfortunate situation.

    • Actually the state could have picked up the charges regardless is the victim was willing to cooperate or not now unless that shit has changed in the last few years then it is the judicial systems fault for not picking up the charges…

    • I was in a situation several years ago the state didn’t give me the option they put him away for over a year.

    • Then again people who are afraid of the perp. Tend to want to not continue with charges because they are scared of what the person will do once released. Right now I’m still scared of my ex because he was behind bars for nearly 10 years now he is out had already said he would kill the three of us who put him away, but I’m also protected. Slight piece of mind knowing I do have the means to defend myself now.

    • Kathleen

      This was probably the same woman he shot. Her baby was inside the woman’s car when she was shot. Now this baby hasn’t a mother

    • You are so right, shows they don’t care about human life.

    • She didn’t want him to be charged which was a very stupid decision.. I read earlier that she said she wanted those charges dropped and that she just wanted him to get some help obviously that didn’t go very well

    • its the sad truth

  • Tifani this all about?

  • Carol

    Probably had $1000 bail

  • Greater Kim

  • Bum nigga smh

  • Scott

  • Name?

  • Timothy Clark

  • This is her😢

  • Bobby Ellison this is that alert we got on our phones.

  • Such a shame that this beautiful young lady was killed by this sorry pos, my prayers are with her family and friends

  • Yeah I agree with Kimber Bailey if you look at his record they should have never been loose to do this he should have been in prison a long time ago


    Damn, too many kids trying to raise kids smh. When that child support hit them, they’ll feel like they have nothing left to lose. R.i.p. to the young lady and may her assailant receive v.i.p. in Hades’ sweatshop.

  • Y was he released when he had an assault with a deadly weapon charge?

  • 1fastphker

    MCSO should of turned there heads an let him bleed out…but nope…another tax payers problem

  • Hope he rots in jail

  • He died at hospital

  • He died in the hospital. Rip Beautiful Sariah Dixon ♥️ always loved and missed. Prayers go out to the entire family🙌🙌🙌