Woman attacked child at bus stop, blames bullying

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Tameka Sims

31-year old Tameka Sims was arrested Wednesday and charged with Child Abuse after she attacked a 12-year-old girl at a bus stop.

On September 26, Ocala police were called to the 500 block of Southwest Martin Luther King Boulevard after a caller reported multiple assaults.

A mother, who is the victim, told police that her daughter had been fighting with another 12-year-old girl while at school.

After the two children were dropped off at the bus stop, the altercation continued.


During the altercation, the other girl knocked the victim’s daughter to the ground. The victim said that is when Sims ran over and stomped on her daughter.

The victim then punched Sims with a closed fist and tackled her to the ground. The victim then returned to her daughter and stood over her to protect her.

According to police, Sims then struck the victim in the forehead with an unknown object and pulled her hair. Sims then placed the mother in a headlock and continued to strike her with a closed fist until an unknown person broke up the fight.

The victim was bleeding profusely from her forehead due to a large laceration and had to be transported to Munroe Regional Medical Center for treatment. Police later learned from doctors that the victim had also suffered a brain bleed.

On October 2, Sims met with OPD Detective Steckman to tell her side of the story.

Sims stated that the victim’s daughter had been bullying her child. Sims was able to provide evidence where she had called Osceola Middle School multiple times to report that her daughter was being severely bullied.

Osceola Middle School officials said that they were aware of the alleged bullying.

Sims told Detective Steckman that she had only tried to stop her daughter from pounding on the other child. Sims stated that she was attacked by the mother as she was attempting to separate the two girls and denied stomping on the other child.

On October 3, Detective Steckman Called both Sims and the victim and told them that the State Attorney’s Office would not take the case because both women had a sufficient claim of self-defense.

The victim told the detective that she was in fear for her child’s life, but the detective said there was not enough evidence to support [that] claim. The detective stated that there was no evidence that proved Sims stomped on her child while she was on the ground.

The decision was then made to close the case.

However, on October 17, a video of the fight surfaced and was provided to OPD.

The following is a transcript of the video as provided by OPD.

In the video, Sims can be heard shouting “git dat ass.”  Sims’ child then pushed the other girl to the ground, at which time Sims shouted: “I’m fixing to beat dat b**ch ass.” Sims then ran over and stomped on the victim’s child while she was on the ground.

The victim then ran over to Sims, punched her, and slammed her to the ground. The impact was loud and nearby kids could be heard chanting “oh sh*t.”

Sims then placed the mother in a headlock and shouted, “what you tryin’ to do hoe?” The two then fell to the ground and grappled before they were separated by an unknown person.

As they stood up, Sims taunted the victim by screaming, “what you goin to do pu**y ass hoe?”

The detective then returned to Osceola Middle School and interviewed other witnesses who were seen in the video.

On October 18, Sims was arrested and charged with Child Abuse. The detective stated that there was not enough evidence to charge Sims with Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon.

The victim is expected to make a full recovery.

On Thursday, Sims was released from jail on a $2,000 bond.