Washington DC Naval Yard Shooting



Washington, DC – The Metropolitan Police Department has released the names of seven of the decedents who were victims in the Washington Navy Yard shooting.

The decedents have been identified as:

  • 59 year-old Michael Arnold
  • 53 year-old Sylvia Frasier
  • 62 year-old Kathy Gaarde
  • 73 year-old John Roger Johnson
  • 50 year-old Frank Kohler
  • 46 year-old Kenneth Bernard Proctor
  • 61 year-old Vishnu Pandit

At 8 a.m. this morning, Aaron Alexis,34, living in Texas walked into the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command killing 12 people and wounding many others including officers. Three shots were fired at Building 197, and as what some thought sounded like construction work continued, the realization set in that a gunman was firing on them.


Original reports suggested there were two gunman , however the FBI announced about an hour ago there was only one shooter.

Alexis spent nearly four years in the Navy as a full-time reservist from May 2007 until he was discharged in January 2011 for misconduct, according to a summary of his personnel records released by Navy officials at the Pentagon.

Officials says Alexis had full access to the Naval Yard because he was working as a contractor.

Witnesses say Alexis didn’t say a word, he just raised his rifle and began shooting. As the chaos unfolded witnesses could hear people screaming, “Where is he? Where Is He?”

The terror was massive one witness explained. Screams, glass shattering, and multiple gun shots continued for hours, it was a blood bath.

Tim Jirus, a Navy commander says he was in an alley where he thought he was safe, talking to another man when he heard gunshots echoing between the buildings. He turned to see where the shots were coming from and when he turned back around the man he was talking to had been shot in the head, and fallen to the ground.

Witnesses say they heard “Get down! Get down! this is the police”, gun shots, more glass breaking, and more terror.

Reports say Alexis was finally shot and killed.

Witnesses say the confusion and terror was overwhelming, and was nothing short of a nightmare.

During a press conference the FBI said they do not have a motive and are asking anyone that may have information about Alexis to come forward by calling 202-727-9099.

The FBI says further details may be released as they come in, however some details may be withheld at times in order to protect the integrity of the investigation.

New developments are literally happening by the minute, Ocala Post will continue to follow the investigation and share any reports received from D.C. authorities.

The names of the additional decedents are being withheld pending next of kin notification.

At 11:33 p.m. We received this update from D.C. authorities:

“The Metropolitan Police Department would like to inform the public that the shelter in place recommendation has been lifted for the area.”

UPDATE September 17, 2013, 12:09 p.m.

Five additional decedents have been identified as:

  • 51 year-old Arthur Daniels of Southeast, Washington, DC
  • 51 year-old Mary Francis Knight of Reston, Virginia
  • 58 year-old Gerald L. Read of Alexandria, Virginia
  • 54 year-old Martin Bodrog of Annandale, Virginia
  • 52 year old Richard Michael Ridgell of Westminster, Maryland