Video: Hurricane Irma update, mandatory evacuation for some Marion County residents


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Marion County officials have issued a Mandatory evacuation for residents who live in modular and mobile homes.

The latest models for Hurricane Irma have shifted the storm slightly left, taking it straight up the Florida Peninsula.

AccuWeather meteorologists said that “the worst-case scenario is now possible for Florida.” This means that the storm is projected to cover the entire state. Meteorologists said that people should not compare Irma to Hurricane Andrew and need to realize that Andrew was a smaller storm than Irma. Andrew did not produce the storm surges that Irma will bring to those on the coast, and possibly inland. Hurricane experts said both the East and West Coast will most definitely see storm surges. If the storm stays on its current path, residents should be properly prepared and listen to evacuation warnings. The hurricane also has the potential to produce tornadoes.

Residents should evacuate by Saturday, September 2017. First responders will NOT respond to your location if you are trapped in your home or need help until it is deemed same to do so.

General Population Shelters:

  • North Marion Middle School (2085 W Highway 329, Citra)
  • Fort McCoy School (16160 NE Highway 315, Fort McCoy)
  • Lake Weir High School (10351 SE Maricamp Road, Ocala)
  • Forest High School (5000 SE Maricamp Road, Ocala)
  • Hammett Bowen Jr. Elementary (4397 SW 95th Street, Ocala)

Special Needs Shelters:

  • Belleview Middle School (10500 SE 36th Ave, Belleview FL)
  • West Port High School (3733 SW 80th Avenue, Ocala)

Pet-Friendly Shelter:

  • Vanguard High School (7 NW 28th Street, Ocala)

If needed, special needs individuals can contact the Citizens Information Line at 352-369-7500 to arrange transportation to a shelter.

Officials said that registered sex offenders are required to report to the Marion County Jail for sheltering.

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