UPDATE: 18-year-old was killed in I-75 crash after losing control of his vehicle


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Approximately 15-minutes after southbound lanes reopened following a vehicle crash involving a semi, a second A tractor-trailer vs passenger car occurred at the 368 mm.

A 2006 Ford-F150, driven by 18-year-old Carson Green was traveling southbound on I-75 in the middle lane, near MM 368.

A second vehicle, a 2017 Kia Forte, driven by Brenna Gibbons, 41, was stopped in slow-moving traffic behind a semi, driven by Cameron Ford, 34, in the outside (right) lane.

According to troopers, the driver of the pickup truck failed to maintain control of his vehicle on the wet roadway and began to rotate clockwise as it veered to the right.

As the pickup truck was rotating, it continued southbound and towards the right (west) and the front of the pickup struck the left front of the Kia. The left side of the pickup truck then slammed into the left rear corner of the semi and rotated until it stopped with the left rear of the pickup slamming into the left side of the semi-trailer.

When the pickup was no longer in motion, it was facing northeast in the middle lane of I-75 southbound.

The Kia and semi were stopped in the outside (right) lane, facing south.

Green was pronounced deceased at the scene at 5:15 PM by Paramedic Dale Mowry.

Green was wearing his seatbelt.

Thoughts and prayers to the family.

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