Two teens arrested for shooting paintballs at people

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Justin Ackley and Dylan Pilcher

Summerfield, Florida — Two teens, Justin Ackley, 17, and Dylan Pilcher, 18, were arrested Thursday after they were accused of shooting paintballs from a moving vehicle.

On Wednesday, victims reported that they had been shot with paintballs by two suspects driving a car. One victim was struck in the head and the other victim was struck the leg and calf. One of the paintballs broke the skin on the second victim.

Pilcher was essentially named as a suspect and confessed when questioned. Pilcher also told the deputies that Ackley was involved. Pilcher stated that he drove the vehicle while Ackley did the shooting.

Ackley and Pilcher were arrested and charged with two counts each of Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon and one count of Shooting a Missile into a Dwelling, Vehicle, Building, or Aircraft.


The Ocala Police Department is looking into other cases that may involve the teens.