Two arrested after assaulting teen; witnesses described them as trash


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Tayon Alexander [left] and Ashley Webber
[Last updated at 2:38 p.m., January 22, 2015, to include information from a second report received from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office]

Ocala, Florida — Deputies responded to a mobile home park in Ocala, following reports of a male suspect assaulting a 17-year-old female victim.

Upon making contact with the victim, deputies learned that Tayon Alexander, 23, had battered the teen.


Alexander fled on foot prior to deputies arriving.

According to reports, when deputies arrived they saw a female, later identified as Ashley M. Webber, 20, screaming profanities at the victim. Deputies reported that the victim was crying hysterically.

While deputies attempted to interview the victim, Webber began yelling profanities at deputies. Webber told deputies she didn’t want them to look for her boyfriend, Alexander.

She stated, “F**k the police, ni**a! I don’t want ya’ll mother f***ers here.”

Webber was then told to calm down, at which time she held up a cell phone and began recording. She then yelled out, “freedom of the press.”

She was told she was free to record, but she had to maintain a safe distance.

While she continued to record, she yelled, “F**k the police, ya’ll ain’t got no case.”

According to deputies, the victim purchased some marijuana from Alexander, who is also known as the “weed man,” and the two became engaged in a verbal argument. Alexander then got in the victim’s face and began screaming profanities at her. The victim stated it was at that point she became scared and “shoved Alexander away from her personal space.”

Alexander then grabbed the victim by the hair and slammed her face into the floor, busting her nose. While the victim was on the floor, Alexander stood over her and began punching her in the face. A witness then exited a bedroom and pushed Alexander and told him to stop. That is when the victim ran out of the house.

Deputies reported that the victim was bloody and had markings consistent with being hit in the face.

Deputies entered the residence in an attempt to apprehend Alexander, but he had fled out the back door.

According to the arrest affidavit, a witness told deputies she heard the fight, but did not witness the physical part of the confrontation.

Deputies attempted to deploy a K-9, however, Webber continued to yell at deputies and would not back away from their patrol vehicles. Therefore, the deputies could not deploy the K-9 without risking injury to Webber.

Webber continued to walk really close to deputies while yelling, “I do what the f**k I wanna do.”

During the commotion, Webber began to make threats toward the victim. While the victim was writing a statement, Webber approached her, took a fighting stance, and yelled, “I’m going to f**k you up b**ch.” Deputies then intervened to prevent Webber from striking the victim.

While questioning the victim, deputies also learned that Webber had assaulted the teen in an attempt to prevent her from notifying authorities about Alexander.

Upon learning this, Webber was taken into custody. While she was being handcuffed, she continued to scream profanities and threaten the victim. Webber then pulled away from deputies and attempted to run, at which time she was escorted to the ground. When deputies attempted to place her in the patrol car, she kicked the side of the vehicle to prevent deputies from placing her in the back seat. A second deputy had to assist with placing Webber in the vehicle.

According to reports, after Webber was placed into the patrol vehicle, she began to cry and stated, “I am sorry, I was just trying to protect my boyfriend.”

Deputies then deployed K-9 “Rambo.” While searching the mobile home park, the K-9 sniffed out a large bag of marijuana that had been thrown on the ground in the direction in which Alexander had fled.

K-9 “Rambo” also tracked down Alexander, who had returned to the residence and was hiding. When deputies asked the witnesses to have Alexander come out, they stated he was not in the house. However, deputies knew Alexander was in the home. Deputies told the witnesses to have Alexander come out, but they insisted he was not in the home. According to reports, after 20 minutes, Alexander stepped out of the trailer.

Alexander told deputies that he and the vcitim argued because she spilled beer on his PS4 gaming console while they were playing beer pong. When asked why the victim had a bloody nose; Alexander replied, “Because I hit her.”

“I am bipolar when somebody hits me, my tempter gets the best of me,” Alexander told deputies.

Deputies reported that the victim only weighs 90 pounds.

Webber was charged with Simple Assault/Intimidating a Witness and Resisting Arrest.

Alexander was charged with Battery.

Alexander has an extensive criminal record. He has been arrested and charged with Torture to Animals by causing Pain and Suffering and Death (x3), Burglary, Larceny, Resisting Arrest, Theft, Possession of Marijuana, and numerous Violation of Probation offenses.

Both Webber and Alexander were released on Bond and are back on the streets.

Witnesses described the duo as “dangerous neighborhood trash.”