Tornado photo at wedding goes viral


Colleen Niska Tornado Photo Canada
Photo by Colleen Niska [Click photo to enlarge]
Saskatchewan, Canada – A professional photographer in Saskatchewan, Canada took some amazing wedding photos Saturday.

Colleen Niska wrote, “I’ve dreamed about a day like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could NOT wait to post these! Pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime!

Comments have been posted in the thousands since the photos were posted to Niska’s professional Facebook page.

Colleen Niska tornado photo Canada
Photo by Colleen Niska [Click photo to enlarge]
The photos are so unbelievably amazing that many have questioned the authenticity of the photos. Niska, however, assures that the photos are 100 percent authentic.

The photos were taken on the same day that several tornados touched down in Saskatchewan and warnings were issued for numerous areas in south-central Saskatchewan Saturday afternoon. There were tornadoes reported near Outlook, Kenaston and Winnipeg as well.

Now, thanks to the once in a lifetime wedding shots, Niska is known worldwide.