Teen strangled woman over inhaler, said he needed a goodnight’s sleep before going to jail

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Tyrese Bonner

Deputies responded to the 4800 block of NW 60th Ter, Ocala, after a victim reported that she had been attacked by her boyfriend.

Upon arrival, the victim told deputies that she and the suspect, Tyrese Bonner, 19, have been in a relationship for approximately three years but did not live together.

According to reports, the victim stated that Bonner called and asked her to bring him an inhaler. The victim told Bonner that she would, but that it would take a while for her to reach his location.

When the victim arrived at Bonner’s residence, he was angry because she had taken so long and began screaming at her.


According to the arrest affidavit, when the victim tried to leave Bonner grabbed her by the throat with both hands and choked her until she was nearly unconscious.

The victim stated, “I began to see white dots and I could not breathe.”

The victim said she shoved Bonner and was able to run to her vehicle.

Bonner chased after the victim, shattered the rear window of her vehicle with his hand, and then crawled inside.

The victim then exited the vehicle and called 911 from her cell phone. While she was on the phone with the operator, Bonner snatched the phone out of her hand and put it in his pocket.

Investigators said that Bonner then grabbed the victim by her wrists, headbutted her, and began dragging her on the pavement.

Momnets later, Bonner fled the area.

The victim suffered severe bruising around her neck. Additionally, she suffered multiple lacerations to her knees, legs, and feet.

Deputies made contact with Bonner over the phone and told him that he should return to the area.

Bonner told deputies that he was sorry for breaking the window. He then told them that he would not return because he needed a goodnight’s sleep before he went to jail.

Bonner was arrested and charged with Domestic Battery by Strangulation, Property Damage, and Obstructing Justice.

As of Monday, he remained behind bars on a $5,000 bond.

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