State admits clerical error, Fat Boys’ Bar-B-Q was not actually shut down


On January 7, 2020, Ocala Post, per the Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspection report, published that Fat Boys’ Bar-B-Q restaurant had been shut down.

On January 10, 2020, the DBPR admitted to Ocala Post that a clerical error was made when the State reported that Fat Boys’ Bar-B-Q restaurant had been shut down for the third time following a January 2 inspection. While the violations noted in the inspection report did not change, the restaurant was not actually closed down for those violations as reported by the State.

While this was not an error of the Ocala Post, it is only fair to the business owner to publish the correction and apologize to the owner of the business for any inconvenience. We strongly encourage the DBPR to do the same.

The conclusion of the updated inspection now reads; Follow-up Inspection Required. Violations require further review but are not an immediate threat to the public.


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