Smart Gear Or Not

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Technology is constantly making leaps and bounds. And when it comes to smart products, Samsung leads the pack. Not even the iPhone can compete.

Remember when everyone wanted the watch from the ‘Night Rider’ that David Hasselhoff wore or the Dick Tracy watch?

Well envy no more. Samsung has redeveloped their new Galaxy Gear smart-watch. Samsung is hoping to make it the next must have product.

Samsung revealed the watch along with its new Note 3 smart-phone on Wedensday in Berlin.


The price tag is set at $299.

At the release event the watch was described as something from a science fiction show.

However critics are not convinced, stating the failure of the past smart-watch releases proves there isn’t a use for them. The smart-watch released by Microsoft in 2004 was a huge failure according to analysts.

Researchers say that today’s generation look at watches as something “old people” wear, saying that the big square smart-watch may not catch on as Samsung is hoping it will.