Recreational marijuana now legal in Alaska


[Video contains adult language]

Alaska — Alaska can now be added to the list of states that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

Starting on Tuesday, Alaskans cannot only cultivate and smoke marijuana ,they can also transport less than an ounce, and give some to a friend if an individual chooses to do so.


Alaskans can also grow six plants at once and have three flowering at the same time.

The marijuana bill would also create new crimes for misconduct involving marijuana.

Misdemeanor offenses could be issued for:

  • Selling any amount of marijuana without a license;
  • Possessing more than six plants (more than 25 plants would be a class A misdemeanor);
  • Transporting more than 1 ounce of usable marijuana;
  • Giving marijuana to someone under 21;
  • Manufacturing marijuana concentrates or extract using a volatile or explosive gas.

Alaska will regulate marijuana similar to the way alcohol is regulated.

The bill also outlines violations punishable with up to a $300 fine if marijuana is grown in public view, if a minor under 18 possesses marijuana, or if someone under 21 enters a marijuana business.

A violation punishable by a $100 fine would be for a person 21 years or older who consumes marijuana in public, or someone between 18 and 20 who possesses, uses or displays marijuana.

Law makers said the second part of the law would be to create an entire legalized market and tax it, which will start in 2016.

The Alaska marijuana bill made national news in September 2014, when KTVA 11 reporter, Charlo Greene, from Alaska, quit her job during a live news broadcast.

KTVA later released a statement claiming she had been fired, but viewers fired back having already seen the live broadcast, which led to a large dip in the networks ratings.