Ocala Regional May Have Caused A Fathers Death

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Ocala Regional

OCALA, Florida — Recent allegations among healthcare facilities seems to be the topic in every Facebook status in the past month.

First Polliwog Dental and most recently Ocala Regional Medical Center.




Ocala Regional Medical Center was recently investigated by the Agency for Health Care Administration and found that laws had been broken during the care of Benjamin Robinson, 83, who was hospitalized at the facility in March.

Cheryl Robinson, Benjamin’ s daughter, says his condition worsened while he was in the care of Ocala Regional. Cheryl’s dad was airlifted to Tampa Hospital after his health was noticeably declining. He died six days later.

Cheryl Robinson filed a detailed complaint with AHCA, giving every reason why she felt the hospital neglected her father, essentially causing his death.

Ocala Regional denies any wrong doing.

Read the reply from AHCA Here.

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