Ocala man says he just wanted a “b-Job”


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Jacob Fritz [Mugshot]
Ocala, Florida — The United Drug Enforcement Strike Team (UDEST) recently conducted a “Prostitution/John Reverse” Operation for the sole purpose identifying any person attempting to solicit prostitution.

During the operation, an undercover agent was approached by a male, later identified as Jacob Fritz, 22, in the 2300 block of South Pine Avenue, Ocala, Florida.

When Fritz approached the undercover agent, he told her that he was willing to pay $40 for a “blow job.”


The undercover agent then walked toward room #128 at the Shangri-La Motel, followed by Fritz. He was then placed under arrest.

According to reports, as Fritz was being handcuffed he stated that he had “weed” in his right pocket. Fritz stated that he intended to “smoke” it himself.

Fritz stated that he was driving home when he passed the undercover agent. After passing the undercover agent he decided that he wanted a “blow job,” so he approached her and asked if she wanted to “chill,” according to reports.

Fritz then drove to an ATM and later returned with $40.00 cash. That is when he approached the undercover agent and solicited her.

Fritz was transported to the Marion County Jail and booked on charges of Solicit for Prostitution and Possession of Marijuana.

He was released on $750.00 bond.