No shortage of turkeys at Publix and they are on sale

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Publix Turkey

For weeks, the MSM has attempted to create panic buying stating that the price of turkeys has drastically increased and that there is a massive shortage.

An investigation revealed that some retailers are taking advantage of the media scare and in some cases, turkeys have been marked up to $50.00 for an 18-pound turkey.

At Publix, that is not the case.

Publix says they are doing their best to keep the coffin cases full and will stick to the traditional holiday sales they advertise for their turkeys.


Currently, Publix turkeys have been marked down to .49 per pound and Butterball turkeys to .99 per pound.

Stores are limiting two turkeys per person at the .49 per pound price.

butterball tukey, publix, ocala news, ocala post
Publix Butterball Turkey