New trouble for pediatric dentists Rebecca and Michael Tarver



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Ocala, Florida — New trouble for Churchill Pediatric Dentistry, formerly Polliwog Dental, owner Rebecca Tarver and former Polliwog Dental owner Michael Tarver.

In late October, two former employees that were fired by the pediatric dentists in retaliation for cooperating with DOH, filed a lawsuit against Polliwog Dental, LLC. The complaint is for violating the Whistleblower Act as well as unpaid wages owed to the two employees.

Andrea Frederick and Tiffany Sullivan are the two plaintiffs in the lawsuit.


The lawsuit states that Michael Tarver was recorded via a cell phone while he remotely logged into the medical database and illegally altered medical records that were requested by DOH during their investigation. Frederick also used her cell phone to record Michael Tarver’s computer activity.

Medical and billing information on patients were also printed in fear that Tarver would alter the billing information to conceal evidence from DOH investigators. Michael Tarver did, in fact, alter the records after they were copied, those records were used as evidence.

During the investigation, Tarver ordered Sullivan to “stall” investigators, specifically Investigator Mike Knezvich. The lawsuit comes after Tarver’s attorney, Edwin A. Bayo´,of whom used to provide advice and representation to regulatory boards under the umbrella of the Department of Health and assisted Tarver in having his dental license reinstated, blasted Knezvich; alleging the accusations that Tarver altered records was absurd and that the charges were fraudulent.

In the lawsuit, Sullivan states that she was ordered by Tarver to refuse DOH investigator Knezvich any documents that were subpoenaed.

According to the complaint, the two women stated that both Rebecca Tarver and Michael Tarver questioned employees about the DOH investigation on multiple occasions. Consequently firing two of the employees now known as Sullivan and Frederick, after the Tarver’s learned they cooperated with DOH; therefore the Tarver’s violated the Whistleblower Act.

The complaint also states that both employees refused to participate in the altering of any medical records which also contributed to their termination.

Frederick and Sullivan were told by Knezvich that the two did not have to answer any questions asked of them by the Tarver’s in regards to the investigation.

The Tarver’s have claimed innocence since the Polliwog fiasco started, and Despite video evidence against Michael Tarver, he was able to have his license reinstated with the help of his attorney, who as previously stated, has done consulting for regulatory boards.

Michael Tarver is not the registered owner of Churchill Dentistry. A quick search of “Churchill Dentistry” revealed it is registered to a Wendy Churchill. However, Ocala Post realized that “Churchill Dentistry” has been registered since 2001. Further investigation revealed that the actual registered name of the former Polliwog Pediatric Dentistry is CHURCHILL PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY, LLC., registered to Michael Tarver’s wife, Rebecca Tarver. Wendy Churchill is not associated with the Tarver’s.

Churchill Dentistry’s parking lot was empty today.