MCSO deputy under investigation for alleged beating at wedding

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Ronald McCutcheon

An Ocklawaha man says he was beaten by a Marion County sheriff’s deputy while attending a wedding.

On December 16, an unnamed source contacted Ocala Post and stated that the circumstances of the incident needed to be investigated.

According to a report from MCSO, which does not mention the alleged beating at the hands of the unnamed deputy, Ronald McCutcheon, 25, attended a wedding in the 12700 block of Highway 326.

Deputy White reported that on December 10, he responded to the address about an altercation and made contact with McCutcheon.


The deputy reported that McCutcheon’s left eye was visibly swollen and that he appeared to be intoxicated.

The report states that McCutcheon was “highly verbal” with deputies.

According to deputies, the owner of the property where the wedding was held, stated that he wanted McCutcheon and [his] girlfriend, Kayla Ostrom, to be trespassed and removed from the property. MCSO reported the property owner as Morgan Bailey; however, property records show the owner as E Lee Brown.

McCutcheon and Ostrom were told to leave, but a short time later the two were spotted on the 1217.47 acre property and arrested for trespassing.

The family said it takes more than 10 minutes just to exit the driveway to the property. The family also expressed concern about the physical condition of McCutcheon when he was asked to leave. According to the family, [he] had already been attacked, yet no one called an ambulance.

The family said, “If McCutcheon was intoxicated as the deputy claimed, then why would they just let [him] drive away?”

Unnamed sources say there is a lot more to the story, and that the arrest affidavits were written at a “slant.” Sources suggested that due to the severity of McCutcheon’s injuries, he was not even conscious when the deputy arrived.

The initial 911 call was in reference to an altercation, but the arrest affidavit does not mention the second party involved, or if more than one person was involved in the beating of  McCutcheon.

Information obtained by Ocala Post suggests that a second deputy may have also been involved. Ocala Post is currently investigating these allegations.

MCSO said they are investigating the allegations against the MCSO deputy, but refused to release his name.

McCutcheon’s family is concerned about MCSO being the investigating agency. The family wants the truth to be known, but they do not feel that will happen if MCSO is involved in an investigation into one of its own employees. In fact, the family has requested that the investigation be conducted by an outside agency.

The family said that given the history of MCSO, they do not feel MCSO should be involved in the investigation.

Sources said the deputy who allegedly beat McCutcheon also attended the wedding. Sources also say the deputy was intoxicated.

According to the family, McCutcheon had to have surgery to repair the damage to his eye socket.

McCutcheon is being represented by Gainesville attorney, Michael Hines, Esq.

Hines said, “The State has not yet provided me with discovery, so the information I have about the events of the night of Mr. McCutcheon’s arrest is limited to what he’s been able to tell me and the rather sparse contents of the police report.”

Hines said he has reviewed medical records describing serious injuries to Mr. McCutcheon’s face and jaw, and is aware that MCOS is investigating. However, he said the identity of the deputy who was involved in the alleged beating has not been revealed.

McCutcheon was not provided with medical treatment until after he was released from jail several hours later when [his] family drove him to the hospital.

McCutcheon suffered four facial fractures, a broken jaw, and bruises to his neck, ribs, and back.

Medical personnel who treated McCutcheon stated that the injuries were the result of having been struck multiple times.

McCutcheon was reportedly unconscious for approximately 20 minutes. And due to the severity of his head injuries, he has sustained some memory loss.

State records did not show any previous arrests or violations of any kind for McCutcheon.

The family said they hope that anyone who witnessed the assault will have enough integrity to come forward.

Ocala Post will update this story as more details become available.