Marion Oaks: Sex offenders within five miles of each school


Ocala, Florida — Recently, parents asked Ocala Post to compile an easy-to-view list of sex offenders who live near schools in Marion Oaks. So, with the safety of your children in mind, Ocala Post did just that.

Parents should be vigilant and study these lists. Parents should also make their children aware of the list, and should not be afraid to discuss this information with a child.

These lists are the most current and up-to-date lists provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Some offenders might live near more than one school, therefore an individual might appear on more than one list.


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Sex offenders who live within five miles of Horizon Academy, located at 365 Marion Oaks Dr, Ocala.

Print this list here.

Sex offenders who live within five miles of Marion Oaks Elementary, located at 280 Marion Oaks Trail, Ocala. And, Sunrise Elementary, located at 375 Marion Oaks Course, Ocala.

Print this list here.

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Previously, Ocala Post reported on how sex offenders are being allowed to live next door to schools. 

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