Marion County, FL Rabies Alert


Marion County is under a rabies alert for the second time this month. Wednesday, just west of Ocala City limits, a raccoon tested positive for rabies.

A 60-day rabies alert was issued by the Marion County Health Department for the area of:

  • Southwest 38th Street to the north
  • Southwest 40th Avenue to the east
  • Southwest 70th Avenue to the west
  • Southwest 66th Street to the south

The rabies alert issued on July 18th for the area just north of Ocala is still in effect for the location of:

  • Highway 326 to the north
  • Northeast 35th Street to the south
  • Northeast 25th Avenue to the east
  • West Anthony Road to the west

Residents should be on the lookout for raccoons, bats, foxes, otters, skunks, bobcats, and coyotes as animals with rabies could infect pets and other animals that have not been vaccinated. Once infected by rabies, it attacks the nervous system, which can be fatal to both humans and animals.


If your pet has been bitten by a wild animal call Marion County Animal Services at (352) 671-8727.

Call the Florida Department of Health in Marion County at (352) 622-7744 for further information regarding rabies.


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