Man wanted five people killed, fed to pigs

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Gary Bangstad

A 76-year-old Marion County man, identified as Gary Bangstad, who was incarcerated at the Marion County Jail, offered another inmate $4,000 and a car to have four people killed and their remains fed to pigs and alligators, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

The man wanted the inmate to draw a map of a mobile home so he could show where each person he wanted to have killed would be sleeping.

Bangstad stated that he had previously hired someone else, but that person had committed suicide before carrying out the job.

According to reports, an inmate told a corrections deputy that Bangstad approached him about the offer on October 20 and that, he had the request in writing. The “contract to kill” was signed by Banstad.

The letter outlined who Bangstad wanted to be killed, where the victims would be found, how he wanted them killed, and the price he was willing to pay.

Bangstad told the inmate he wanted “everyone whose name was on the note to be fed to the pigs or alligators” in order to “leave no evidence” behind.

Records show that Bangstad was charged Wednesday with five counts of Solicitation of Murder.